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EMPRESS CHINA - HOW OLD IS IT? - Antique China and Fine China Collectibles Query:- I HAVE A SET OF DISHES AND ON THE BACK IT SAYS

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Reply by Peter (admin)

Nice query from Pibull on Empress China. Thanks.

Hi Pitbull

I am not so hot on oriental wares, but I will tell you what I know.

Empress china is a nice quality and collectible brand, so the date of 1895 has no reason to be a false date of their establishment. There are many items which came over to the US post war and your wares could easily be from the 1940's with that makers mark.

I saw somewhere Empress china were associated with Noritake, a very well known antique china and fine china collectible maker. I am not sure about that. For me, if that were true, it must enhance their value.

We need an oriental specialist to post a comment.

Search for the value of other similar wares by using the system explained on my China Replacement page.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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by: Anonymous

"..the date of 1895 has no reason to be a false date of their establishment."

Unfortunately you will find that 1895 is NOT a date, rather a pattern number for the Regency pattern. Good luck with any further research.


by: gatorjamie12@yahoo.com

I have a full set of empress china Anniversay No.100 is it worth anything?


Peter (admin) says:

Be sure to read this page which will help you how to find out vintage and antique china values.

by: gatorjamie12@yahoo.com

Hey Peter,
Thanks for the direction. Appreciate it.

Empress China Meadowsong 1037
by: Anonymous

I have a set of Empress China--Meadowsong

I was wondering how much it is worth.


The forum moderator says:-

Be sure to read this page which will help you how to find out vintage and antique china values.

Empress China
by: Terri

Looking for the value of some Empress China - the pattern name is Woodvine and the number on the plate is 953 and there is a Z in the middle.

Empress China = Charles Sadek
by: Peter (admin)


This an old thread and we finally solved it.

My feelings when we first heard from the original poster was that this ware sounded old. I was corrected in that the 1895 turned out to be just a pattern number (together with a bit of deliberate duplicity).

The importers were a New York firm of Japanese importers called Charles Sadek Company. The older dates match up because they apparently began importing in the 1920's under the Empress brand.

The factory they used for china wares may well have had a connection with an 1895 date, and if so, they were not perhaps being so duplicitous.

Peter (admin)

by: empress

I have a set that has a mark on the back that reads empress China Japan rosedale-g 922. Any ideas on what this set is worth?

Japan / Made in Japan / Made in Occupied Japan
by: Anonymous

I am researching a tea set (demitasse set). Mine looks very old and beautiful. I found in the Kovels' Book that the United States McKinley Tariff Act of 1871 required the county name to be listed on all imports. According to Kovels' Book: the earliest the word Japan has been seen on an item is 1921; beginning in 1887 English law required imports have Made In and the country name listed on English imports; from 1945-1952 Japan exports should read Made in Occupied Japan. I believe that was the rule for imports to all countries.

That information made me believe that my tea set was made between 1921 and 1945; because the stamp read Empress China Japan (only Japan).

Later I have seen two more sets online that have had a stamp that read Sterling China Japan. One of those sets was listed by the seller as a 1950's set, but the stamp read only Japan and nothing more. I was thinking the seller of that tea set was wrong about the year. The pattern looked the same, but I have not checked the size of the cups. My set does look much older, but it could just be a difference in condition. My next step is to do some research on the Sterling company. Also, both company names Empress and Sterling, were printed in the same shield shaped mark.

Now I am thinking that after 1945 the stamp may read only the word Japan if the product was imported to the United States; because the Made in requirement was according to English law, not U.S. law. That is something else to figure out.

There could have been additional china made using the same pattern at a later date, making some very old and some not so old. That sometimes happens with glass. The molds are retired and then used by another company many years later. The same factory in Japan could have been making china for more than one other company.

Well, I hope you figure things out. Thank you for the information I have read here so far.


china NEW
by: Anonymous

hello I have china what is the vaule
express china garland 1507 thank you

Is there any value NEW
by: Marie Robinson

I have a set of empress China concerto Japan 1551 any value?

Empress China Value. NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a set of Empress China with something on the back look like a crown with a Capital H in the middle. It also have the name Thistle, #803. and Japan under the crown. I will appreciate any information on this set of Dishes.

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