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An Apology and Greetiings
December 09, 2014

An Apology and Happy Holiday Season from Peter at

Peter (admin) from here.....

Just a quick seasons greeting and a quick apology.

Unbeknownst to me I have had an intermittent technical issue with my website’s email address for some time. This means that some folk who wanted to look into having their china appraised by my expert team didn’t get the emails I sent out to them in reply.

Sorry for all those people who that happened to – it must have made me look really bad, which you must have been surprised about because my website is very highly regarded in online circles (**lowers head in shame**).

So anyhow, I have replaced the techies responsible and the new team has got everything up and running properly now!!

To make amends, I am giving everyone a special Santa 3 for 2 for any china valuations they care to send in. So send in three china or porcelain items or sets and you only have to pay for 2 reports.

Just press reply and send me your pics, it’s that simple. No money yet. If something's not worth valuing, I’ll tell you, before you have to part with any hard cash. Hurry, this offer’s seasonal – only running for 2 weeks from today!

Send the pics in several emails if they are HUGE hi-res like from a new smart phone OR just post them up on Flickr or Photobucket or somewhere like that.

Best regards

Peter Holland

(Sculptor and Web Publisher)

Go to my website to find out more
One of the leading sites in this niche and often recommended by Google search. It covers all things ceramic from a makers guide to a free public forum for helping people recognise pottery marks and also one of the most professional and expert valuation services in the world. It also has a ‘how to sculpt guide’ for sculpting scholars. I recommend you bookmark it and tell your friends. Thanks.

p.s. I always love to hear back from you, so press reply to give me a heads-up!

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