This is an unusual email from me because it's not about fine china or any of the other ceramic related things I normally waffle on about.

This is about future existence of the internet as we know and love it.

Who hasn't suffered from GBO? (Google burn out) and had to have a lie down afterwards..... But in a good way, a strangely satisfied way.

Well, that may be a thing of the past.....

There are strange things afoot.

It's about the people who have taken over at Google not being quite so nice and lovable as the geeks who started the company in the 1990's.

In fact, I think those original two guys must be chained up in a dark cellar somewhere. I always trusted them to do the right thing. I so wish that wasn't a thing of the past :-(

Just you wait (and mark my words), there is going be a Hollywood movie about this one day (probably directed by Spielberg).

A movie out of what, I hear you say?

Well, the internet is the most effective means of communication us humans have ever invented. It's how you found me and my witterings about fine china, so it must be good thing, mustn't it?

Well, the internet will change forever for the worse if the 'new kids on the block' in charge of Google have anything to do with it. They are making changes..... Big changes and, brother, they are not good ones (for us, the people who have grown to rely on Google to deliver us honest searches).

Honest searches will be a thing of the past if they have their way, but they are hoping, because of their current total dominance of 'search', no one will be able to stop them, or even notice.

To find out what is going on I am going to give you a link to go to the 'Keep Google Honest' Campaign...

But before you go there, if you agree with us, please do two things (this is all about ACTION from lots of individuals).

1. Click the 'like' button you will find at the top left of the page and make a quick comment of support. These facebook comments will add up and act like a petition.

2. Send the link to 10 people you know and ask them to do the same.

We all need Google to be an honest search engine (apart from the thrusting executives who have metaphorically chained up the poor Google geeks in the cellar).

Disraeli said that "Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely". Never has a quotation been more pertinent. Let's get these newly empowered and misguided executives to move on to another company and mess that one up instead of our beloved Mother Google. We want Mother G back!

Here is the link:-

Speak soon,

Peter Holland (Sculptor and Web Publisher) p.s. This wasn't a 'rant' it was a 'plea'

p.p.s If you have time please drop me a line to let me know you have 'liked' the 'Keep Google Honest' campaign.

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