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Pottery marks identification (a tricky task at the best of times) just got easier - with a little help from your friends!  We have a public forum here on this site with over 2000 pages of pottery mark queries and answers.  I try my best to answer the pottery marks identification queries myself - that's if I know the answer - or can look up the mark in reference books.

We all try to help each others pottery marks identification

When I am at a loss, other site visitors often chip in with the answer to the pottery marks identification.

We do this because we love it - it's a kind of Sherlock Holmes investigation process - and it makes this website a bit of a treasure trove of information all freely accessible.

The Thrill of the Pottery Mark Identification Chase


The problem with this engrossing pastime is it can become very distracting - lots of rabbit holes - but very fun at the same time.

Which all means if you choose to upload one of your queries onto CHINA CHAT forum thread (see 'Public Forum button below), it may take a while for me to get around to reading and publishing your query, in which time you may have lost interest.  However, it will be interesting for many other people looking for the same info.

So, don't lose heart because this is a long term project and I get there in the end - with all goodhearted contributions!

Why don't we discuss values on the marks forum?

There's a time and place for everything.  The forums are for identification and research.  The 'value' question is answered in a separate place.

When I first started the  forums way back in 2006, people began to argue and debate the value of this and that.  It all became a weird tangent that distracted and quickly became the main feature.

As a consequence, people can then see wrong information and get the wrong idea - as if some anonymous post from a random passer-by is gospel.  That's not what I want from this website.  I want it to be as accurate and true as possible.  

The other main reason we don't discuss values on the forums as values quickly go out of date and I want the forums to be evergreen - which has been a successful strategy.

Of course, it would be nice to keep a tame Antiques Roadshow expert under the stairs, but as we can't, we have to look at the alternatives when trying to find out if you have treasure or trash:

1.  Read my blog on how to quickly become your own expert.

2. Learn how to research the hidden online values.

3. Pay experts and be nice to them to obtain their knowledge.

So How Might You solve Your Mystery Pottery Mark Using This Site?


Check to see if your pottery or porcelain marks identification query has already been answered on this site.

Use the convenient search box just below here (A typical search phrase might be something like 'k and crown'... Try several variations of the keywords in a different order - the first one doesn't always get it.

Site Search:-

Don't forget... Try a few different variations of different search terms that match your item and your marking.

Found Nothing?......... Okay

Step #2 

identify pottery mark So here's what to do next?

There are three options to choose from (below)

What regular visitor, Louise has to say...

“Thank so much .... And congratulations on making Google's top ten. I know I have spent hours looking at your site. You should be very proud, regards, Louise”.

Decide whether or not knowing the value of your wares has any relevance to you.

The CHINA CHAT space is not the place for valuing, but is about mark identification, so if you also want to know value AS WELL AS identify your mark, click the GREEN button below.

To Value OR Not To Value? To some people value is NOT an issue. They have a mystery to solve, and they achieve this either by using the public forums (slow but sure), OR fast-track their query to a couple of days by using the BLUE button below.


NOTE:- On this website, the following queries are dealt with separately than 'pottery mark identification'.


Further reading:

Advice from Thewisecollector.com website

So, identification of pottery & porcelain marks - a difficult task - just got a bit easier.

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