It just got easier to identify & value your hidden treasure . . .

My offer is to partner with you to help evaluate your stuff (for a very reasonable fee).

It's simple, you just send me pics and what info you know about the history and ownership of your item.

Just upload your photos using the form below (don't forget to click the SUBMIT button at the bottom after the legals).

What happens after I get your pics?:

If your item is something I know about or can research (and is worth the fee - I'll let you know if it has little or no value.), I'll send you a money request for my fee of $19.97 USD.  There is no obligation for you to go ahead at that point.  

If I'm stumped, I'll refer you to outside experts (they'll have a different fee structure to mine.  You can choose whether to use them or not.

So let's partner up, what are you waiting for?...

China Chat - Finding hidden treasure and identifying mysteries.

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