It just got easier to find your hidden treasure and identify your stuff...

I partnered with a team of experts (covering all types of antiques, collectibles and art).

My experts have been featured in a Google case study about how they help consumers. There is a powerful feedback/rating system which keeps everyone honest.

Here's How It Works:

- Fill in chat box below

- Leave a small deposit

- You are allocated an expert

- Cost of the report is calculated - based on your query

- 100% guaranteed satisfaction or refund

Also been featured positively on:

  • CNN
  • NBC
  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • Good Morning America
  • Today

Enjoy - search, discover, value, share and to let my team help - just fill in my CHAT box just below :)

Note: More detailed instructions: 

  1. Begin your enquiry with the automated chat box below where you will make an initial entry.  
  2. After this, you will get a second automated response asking what you can tell the team about the item.  
  3. Once you respond to this second dialogue box (you may not know anything about the item apart from where and when you got hold of it), the system then knows you are a human not a spambot.  
  4. You then wait for a live response from the team.  They may be in a different working time zone to you, so the response might not be immediate.

China Chat - Finding hidden treasure and identifying mysteries.