Insights Into Figurines Sculpture
and Fine China Producers

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Fine china sticks around. We humans don't.  This makes it historically interesting, even though, yes, it goes in and out of fashion.  If nothing else, is an amazing insight into the past - like going through the portal of a time machine.

The passion we have for porcelain, bone china and stone china is rooted in its jewel like decoration.  Even though, in the main, the millennial generation turn their heads away from this type of beautiful intricacy, there are those still taking a sideways glance this unique and fascinating art form.

This website began as a guide to figurines sculpture, but then, it expanded - and then some!

Although I am not actively sculpting now, the three factories I mainly worked with (Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester and Coalport are no more) and I have gone onto designing vintage travel posters, my work is still available to buy on platforms like eBay.  Some of the best work I did in collaboration with Compton & Woodhouse holds its value and sells for £300-£400.  My early work can be snatched up for a bargain price of £25-£40.

So here's what this website deals with nowadays: 

Who made your antique china? And what pottery marks identify the makers? And also how do we find antique china values? What's it worth? And how future antiques are made.  We have lots of interaction with you, the website visitors (on the forums & discussions) - That's my website. Join me. It's fun.

How this website blends information

My name is Peter Holland I am a professional ceramic sculptor (more in the About). 

I am grateful for the help I have had from site visitors in developing this  site.  For example, they asked me to help with getting their stuff valued by trusted professionals.

I am considered a clay sculpting expert, but I am pretty fanatical about the history of fine china. 

The 'china chat' section is about obscure pottery markings.  This is where visitors send in their queries and we can all help with the answers.

Finding Your Pottery Mark

There have been some blinding successes.  We have been the first to solve mysteries pottery marks which now help people like eBay sellers on a daily basis.

This website IS NOT A CATALOGED ENCYCLOPEDIA, so don't expect to be able to use it like you would a specialist reference book.


It only gives results WITHIN THIS SITE (apart from a few Google ads at the top).  Describe your mark in words.  Use phrases like 'Crown with letter A'

Don't give up after one search. Use a variety of different phrases.

Why have I made this amazing wiki?

I am interested in the  subject, and love to help people by sharing my knowledge.

Below is a couple of recent sculptures I did.  They sold out pretty quick. Thanks to this website....

My figurines sculpture examples

What makes fine china beguiling?

Apart from being hard to make, its longevity imparts a sense of heritage.

Things have to stay around long enough to become antique - and people have to like them enough to collect them and pass them on.

Fine china comes into that category, particularly bone china.  Figurines sculpture in porcelain have always been collected, and always will be. 

That is, despite fashions coming and going.