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When I was training to be a professional ceramic sculptor, there was a name which kept cropping up as the leading modeller of his generation - the one we all should aspire to. In fact, years later, when I finally met the great man, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect.

I shouldn't have worried because John Bromley is a nice man, a talented man, a funny man and a complete gentleman.

In recent times, I feel privileged to have become his partner in our new venture, ensuring the skills of the English bone china making tradition are kept alive - The Figurine Collective - see:-

I would like you to know John Bromley, the man, so I am including a personal letter from Sculptor John Bromley.

As I say, John needs no introduction, with his forthcoming coming half-centennial 50 years as a sculptor celebration. Truly a Royal Sculptor, having personally presented the Queen with his work, he headed the Coalport team in the 1960's which re-generated the fortunes of the Coalport figurine factory. Subsequent to John's legacy, the ancient and prestigious firm was taken over by the giant Wedgwood Group who wanted the have bone china figurines at the forefront of their decorative ware portfolio.

Here's a personal message from master-sculptor John Bromley...

limited edition figurines

The Museum Curator Told Me How Important My Work Was!

"I had the great pleasure the other day, of visiting the world famous Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, with my wife Veronica.

It is a museum that I have always loved with its class leading collection of English ceramics and I would recommend a visit to anyone who has a love of fine pottery.

We were there for a special reason though. I was meeting Miranda Goodby, Curator of the ceramics collection, to show her our approved final prototype of my figurine, "As Lovely As You" - see:-

On November 26th, myself and the Figurine Collective Team will be returning to present her with the first production piece - The Number 1 of the small edition of 795 which will go on permanent display.

I was very pleased to find that she loved my figurine. Most artistic people feel quite vulnerable when showing their work for the first time, so it was a relief that she was very positive about what I had done.

As you can imagine, it will be quite an honour to have my latest piece on display as part of the museum’s permanent collection. Miranda said that it would be an important piece when the history of The Figurine Collective is discussed.

There can only ever be one ‘first’ in anything, so having it in the museum will be very special.

We have begun the process of making the first few production pieces. So Anyone who has reserved one will soon be getting notification of their limited edition number and a likely date of the figurine being finished, ready to send out.

We are all incredibly excited at this special moment, to be able to see the figures moving through the factory, each one getting its own personal care and attention as it progresses through the many stages of manufacture.

I would like to thank everyone who has ordered a figurine - some loyal collectors even happy to reserve just from seeing my original clay sculpt. A special thank you to them.

I hope that you will love owning her – she will be a little bit of history and always special in my heart.

All the best,


PS. If you haven’t seen the latest photographs go to the "As Lovely As You" brochure page - see:-

Here you will also be able to see a lovely little video that we have made of “As Lovely As You”.

If you have time, I would love to hear what you think of it in the comments section here:- (These pages show The Figurine Collective's new English made bone china figurine collection)

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