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Work of art or decorative porcelain? Anyone in the Carlisle area of the UK in the next month or so can find out. See Peter Holland's original prototype of "Rose Garden" in an important UK ceramics exhibition, at the Tullie House Art Gallery, of 200 years of figurines and ceramic art curated by ceramic art expert Dr. Andrew Livingstone. The exhibits include a film of the making of the first 'Rose Garden' prototype.

Just a quick update on production - mainly for those collectors who have reserved Peter's superb new figurine - 'Rose Garden'.

After a series of careful trials and tests to decide and finalize on the decoration for Peter Holland's first figurine for The Figurine Collective, we are very pleased to announce that she is about to go into production.

The big decorating decision was to look at the intricate pattern Tony and Peter wanted on the shawl and whether it should be completed in glorious hand painting (very much on the 'wish list' both for both artist and collector), or should we adapt the design for transfer printing.

We decided that the secret to success was to maintain the integrity of what we are trying to do, without compromises and use hand painting. The end result gives you, the collector, a much superior and more valuable piece for your collection - and you can see the result here at the :- "Rose Garden" bone china figurines page.

The working moulds have been made from our original and Rob, our caster, is preparing to make the first production pieces. This is an exciting time for both collectors and pottery workers. The lead time is around six weeks from first cast to final figure due to the many delicate and skilled processes that go into making this lovely figurine.

The same behind-the-scenes team that has made such a beautiful job of "As Lovely As You" will be responsible for 'Rose Garden".

There is such a lot of excellent work in her production. There are extra roses to make for each one (We love the roses - nine in all - made through Denise's skilled hands, bringing all her years of experience to bear) and a gorgeous parasol to test the skill of our craftspeople, who are ready to rise to the challenge. The totally hand-painted shawl, as mentioned above which needs two fires to get the wonderful effect has been perfected by Annette.

Annette was also responsible for the design of the necklace, also hand-painted. In fact it was she who thought of the idea of 'sponging' the delicate layer of pure 22 carat gold over the lace effect around the full skirt of the dress and panels on her bodice. As an extra final touch to finish this new figure to perfection, delicate touches of mother of pearl lustre have been added to the edges of the roses on her dress, her gloves and parasol edge.

Collectors who have already reserved "Rose Garden" will soon get a request to make their deposit payment. This will ensure that they get their limited edition number confirmed. For those collectors who have purchased "As Lovely As You", this will be the same edition number.

We have had to increase the price of "Rose Garden" to £245, due to the increased amounts of work involved to bring her to perfection. However, the good news for anyone who has already reserved their figurine, is that we are going to honour the original price of £225! …. But you need to act fast and complete before the end of April.

We would like to thank all collectors for their support and look forward to sending "Rose Garden" in the coming weeks.

PS. Anyone in the Carlisle area in the next month or so can see the original prototype of "Rose Garden" in an exhibition, at the Tullie House Art Gallery, of 200 years of figurines and ceramic art curated by Ceramic expert Dr. Andrew Livingstone.

Best regards

Peter Holland, Ceramic Sculptor

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