I want to give a couple of insights into sculpting and show how a tricky pottery mark identification was nailed, but first a quick note about how humans work....

I'm sure, as you know, you should never underestimate the power of 'collective consciousness'.

There seems to me a overwhelming feeling that people do not want to see the 200 year old tradition of English bone china making wither on the vine.

I feel somehow part of that connectedness. If I have my way, there will be another 200 years yet.

From the response we are starting to get, figurines made by real craftsmen and women in the time honoured luxurious way are something many cherish.

Our contact page www.figurinecollect.com/china-figurines.html is summed up by the words of Tee, who simply said:-

"I only came across your site today and feel as if I have been given a gift"... Thanks Tee

On a sculpting tips note (many sculpting scholars read these updates) remember also the 'collective consciousness' informs your work, whether you like it or not, so you had better go with the flow.

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.

I was looking at the latest colour decorating test on 'Rose Garden' and saw how the pre-firing matt slip colours made a soft almost life-like glow to all the curves. It was beautiful to see, but, being unglazed, not what people collect.

It made me think we ought to do small editions of more experimental work - almost art gallery type of interpretations.

For those interested in what I saw, take a look at the small picture on the right hand side about half way down this page:-


It shows a detail of 'Rose Garden' just before firing. Sculpting scholars should also note that the new clay sculpture FAQ's page is starting to work well:-


Here's how the whole thing works:-

Basically, the site is interactive and grows organically now through user generated content and queries.

I have published all the various static sculpting tips & tutorial pages. Once you have browsed through them and you still have a specific query go to the FAQ's page.

Use the search function and/or browse the FAQ query pages.

If you then have a specific query or set of questions, just submit your contribution and we start a thread which is run by me and you, but everyone can join in.

e.g. the last two were Willie with his car:-


...and just a pure co-incidence as I was writing this I got an email from Rick who say he is raring to go! So Rick, you know what to do now - after you have browsed the 'How to Sculpt' part of the site, just start a thread on the FAQ's page and away you go!

Talking about the 'way to go', very pleased about nailing a mystery pottery mark for a collector recently it was a very pretty Blue 'R W' Initials mark on a raised shield.

I couldn't find it in my books at first, but after a bit of digging, found it to be the mark of a very interesting European maker - Royal Rudolstadt... see:-


Now I should stop rambling and get on with it!

Talk soon

Best regards

Peter Holland www.figurinecollect.com (These pages show our new English made bone china figurine collection)

www.figurines-sculpture.com (This is my bigger site covering all aspects of fine china making)

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