Carlsbad Porcelain Tableware Black Crown Porcelain Mark

by Pam
(Ellicott City, MD, USA)

Carlsbad Porcelain Tableware Black Crown Porcelain Mark

Carlsbad Porcelain Tableware Black Crown Porcelain Mark

Carlsbad Porcelain Tableware Black Crown Porcelain Mark:- I have a set of dishes that belonged to my great grandmother. I've spent years trying to find information about them, but no luck so far.

The back stamp is a black 6 point crown with the name "Carlsbad" below it. The front is a pink floral pattern with green leaves. The edging on the pieces are raised.

I've sifted through thousands of porcelain marks, but none match the one I have. Even companies that replace vintage porcelain dishes don't have this pattern or stamp.

Someone help me please!!



Carlsbad Porcelain Tableware Black Crown Porcelain Mark

Hi Pam

Help is at hand. Pull yourself together and read on. Base your further research on what I know - which is more to do with looking at clues. That's the good news.

The bad news is, even amongst experts, this mark has to go down as unidentified. It is one of those marks which are so general as to be useless in identifying the maker.

A crown with the word 'Carlsbad' is not much to go on as Carlsbad is a center for porcelain production in the same way as Thuringia or Bavaria or Dresden might be - with many makers all using a wide variety of marks which include the archetypal crown and the word 'Carlsbad' in many different variations.

As you have found out, your mark is not shown in any references, either on or offline.

There is one very similar pottery mark though with a 5 point crown and the country of origin noted as 'Austria'. See which lists your mark as "Carlsbad Austria (unidentified) Possibly Carlsbad China.". Carlsbad China it identifies as :-

    "Carlsbad China of Altrohlau, Austria. This decorating studio was in business c.1880-1910. (Source: Marks on German, Bohemian, and Austrian Porcelain, by Rontgen, page 454). We haven't been able to find this particular Carlsbad China mark, but assume it is the same Carlsbad China."

Hmmm... not so sure myself as there are many other possibilities, I feel.

Carlsbad or Karlbad is set within an area rich with natural deposits of kaolin (used for the production of porcelain). The town is within the region which used to be known as Bohemia within the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Shortly after Bohemian porcelain began in the 1790's (in the town of Klösterle - today Klášterec) production was also begun in the nearby town of Carlsbad which is today
is Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic.

One of the most important clues to age this mark is the absence of the country of origin (at least you have not mentioned it), which dates the service to before 1890 if it was an official US import through the normal commercial channels.

One of the main contenders for ownership of this illusive mark is the Carlsbad or Karlsbad Porcelain Factory, founded in 1842 - also known as the Carl Knoll Porcelain Factory of Rybáre, Czechia (Fischern, Bohemia, Austria)

Another maker who can't be discounted as the originators of this pottery mark is Straus & Son. In the 1880's a German company called Straus & Son of Rudolstadt, Thuringia had a shop-in-shop within New York's Macy's deparment store.

They formed a US branch to handle this US trade which was called the 'New York and Rudolstadt Pottery Co. Inc.', founded 1882. Later they saw the opportunity of the rich natural deposits in Carsbad, Austria and opened a studio and distribution center there.

They must have being doing well because in 1895 they bought Macy's store outright. The different subsidiaries of this vibrant concern used their own various marks, not all of them catalogued.

Another firm selling to the US before the country of origin act and were definitely catalogued as using a crown mark and stemming from the Carlsbad region was Bawo and Dotter who basically decorated blanks at their studio in Fischern (which was then in a region known as Bohemia now called Rybáře, Carlsbad in the Czech Republic). They also had offices was in New York to handle the importation trade of fine porcelain china.

Another Bohemian firm from that region who also used the word Carlsbad or Karsbad on their marks were Becher & Stark (Schwalb Brothers) of the Zettliz Kaolin Works in Merkelsgrun Bohemia, Austria. Benedikt & Friedman were the USA importers. They were founded in 1868.

Another name assocated with this area is Duxer or Royal Dux in the town of Dux, today known as Duchcov. There are no records to show this mark is associated with them, but as with any of the companies mentioned above, they could have made under contract for US importers.

Other makers from Carlsbad who fall outside (after) the US country of origin 1890 act are:-

Higgins & Seiter, New York importers from 1891

Egerlander Porcellanfabrik Elbogen founded 1907

Josef Kuba of Carlsbad founded c.1930

Best regards

Peter (Admin)

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Carlbad Crown on Tea Set and a Red Double-headed Bird Pottery Mark
by: Peter (admin)

Further to the above, Pam looked on the bottom of a couple of her items and realised there was another mark - a double-headed eagle. This was the clue which sealed it for the experts we sent the information to.

Pam also told us a great story about how her family lore was this service had survived the troubles of the American Civil War.

Read on to find out more....

Carlbad Crown on Tea Set and a Red Double-headed Bird Pottery Mark

Reproduced with Pam's permission, below is the report my antiques expert team sent to Pam after she commissioned their help.... (valuations omitted)


    Straus & Son CARLSBAD Porcelain Tableware Service

    Item Date:
    Carlsbad Crown mark C. 1870'S
    Double Eagle mark 1904 - 1924

    The double headed eagle is a well documented mark of Straus & Son later known as Nathan Straus & Co. The items with the double headed eagle are later additions to the set which were purchased by family members after 1904 but no later than 1924. This mark is often, but not always, associated with one of their brand names called '(Royal) Schwarzburg' and was first registered in 1904. Your items without the country of origin (for example the crown and Carlsbad mark) are most certainly before 1890, so the dates might support your family story, at a pinch. With regard to this family folklore, the official end of the Civil War was in 1865, but famously, renegade confederates became outlaws and continued what could be considered uncivil activities for many years after that, so they were troubled times indeed, especially in certain districts. The Straus & Sons company began in 1869 and expanded production into the Carlsbad region of Austria in the 1870's, selling through Macy's in the USA by 1874. A great piece of anecdotal family history and a great piece of American history also, as the people that made these pieces went onto own the Macy department store itself. A beautifully preserved tableware set brimming with history and social interest and all the more interesting to have survived for so long in such nice condition, especially considering their journey through America's most troubled times in history. Truly an heirloom set. The 'WZ' on the eagle mark stands for 'WarenZeichenregister' the German central registration office for marks and trade names. Some marks have the full initials which are R.W.Z.R. which stands for 'Reichs-Warenzeichenregister'. Do not confuse these initials with another of Straus & Son's marks which is 'RW'. This stands for 'Rudolstadt Works'. Other marks you will see associated with Straus & Son, apart from those mentioned above are:- 'CROWN RUDOLSTADT' and L.S.&S. Carlsbad.

Interesting story all round. Many thanks to Pam.

Peter (admin)

Pam's question about Carlsbad china
by: Lynne Gantt

I think that it is Hamburger pattern #1970. Go to and compare your pieces with their picture. Unfortunately, they have no pieces in stock.

by: Anonymous

Close Lynne, but the pattern is a bit different & the type of flower is also different. I did contact at one time because I found 1 picture of a plate that matched the same pattern. The only info I received was that they didn't have any in stock.

Thank you for your comment!


Carlsbad with crown
by: Ron C

I also have a large set on Carlsbad China similar to what you have, with the name Carlsbad and the crown. The pattern is similar and it was a wedding gift to my Great Grand Aunt who was married in 1870. The depth of the embossing is irregular like it may have been hand pressed. I would be very interested in valuation. It is very delicate and I am afraid to use it.

Identifying Black Crown Mark
by: Richard F.

I don't know how old this posting (link) is but I'll give a comment a try.

I too have similar dinnerware patterns and the black crown. Searching Google I found that the pattern may have been manufactured by Thun 1794, a Czech company. They have been in business for many years and from what I have seen come the closest to my pattern.

Anyway, I was wondering if you had an update regarding the crown mark and who made your china.

Bohemia Carlsbad dishes NEW
by: Anonymous

I have this set if anyone is interested in buying it.

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