F Crown Mark Dresden

by Peter (admin)

F Crown Dresden Mark

F Crown Dresden Mark

I just discovered some info on a mark hitherto unknown by me, so I thought I would share with you guys

There is a German maker in the Martha Buddich mould, where figurines were made post war from the 1950s and were imported into the US from Germany by Franz Wittwer Glassworks (the F mark above with Dresden written on it).

Franz Wittwer was a distributor of Germany Dresden figurines to the United States for various Dresden lace manufacturers.   The figural group is vintage and would be from the 1950s and described as:

"Porcelain figurine, Franz Wittwer, second half 20th c."

. . . . a porcelain group at concert. There are three people in this scene. A lady plays a piano or spinet, an gentleman is standing and probably singing and the third person seems just to listen.

The people are dressed in costumes of the 18th c.

The porcelain figurine is marked with an F with an crown.

Under the base is also a stamp which names Germany as the origin of this piece - also the word Dresden

The F with crown is to identify with the company of Franz Wittwer who mainly produced in the 1950s and following decades.

An auction estimate would maybe be around $200 to $400 USD, but this would need to be checked out by an expert

The question is, why are so many figurines of the late 19th and early 20th c.set in a scene of the 18th c?

The answer is the factory of Meissen.

Meissen was the first company able to produce porcelain outside Asia in Europe. Its designs and figurines were formative for the whole European porcelain production.

Ever since it has been the one to follow - and put the city of Dresden on the map with regards to being the leader of European porcelain.

Hope this helps some of you.

Peter (admin)

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solved problem
by: Carole

Clarified my question.
F under crown Dresden ceramic.
Grateful thanks

Franz Wittwer candelabra
by: Chris in New Zealand

Was able to use your earlier post to identify the mark found on a candelabra donated to a charity shop who I work for voluntarily assessing donated goods. Thanks for your work. Photo attached.

30 August 2022


F Dresden NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for sharing. I was trying to date a Dresden lace figure with that mark.

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