Mystery jug with horseshoe red stamp Etruria and G & S or GSH & Co or SGH or HGS or GHS

by Debra Rowlands
(Sparta, Tn. USA)

Pottery mark on Jug - G & S or GSH & Co or SGH or HGS or GHS

Pottery mark on Jug - G & S or GSH & Co or SGH or HGS or GHS

I bought this beautiful jug at auction for $2. The auctioneer said it was Johnson Bros. but I looked at it immediately when I got my hands on it, and it has a horseshoe, with the word 'Etruria" at the top, on the horseshoe itself, then an elaborate G & S along with other marks in the middle of the shoe. I have looked and looked online for weeks now, trying to find out what this actually is. This little piece came from South Caroline, from an estate that was given over for auction.

I don't care about the cost $2. But I would really like to know what I actually have.

I went to auction again this week. I was mesmerized by a little gnome figure (I love them) and bought it for $4. Came home and looked, asked, and it is a Heissner. I also bought a cast iron doorstop for $11, and discovered it is a Bradley and Hubbard art deco piece. I also purchased a 30's floor lamp, which I am still researching, with alabaster trim above the base, and actually has a light there as well. It has like a candelabra at the top with 3 lights, and then a large mogul light in the middle.I am giving this to my daughter and son in law to refinish and restore to its former glory.

All in all, it is fun and sometimes very exciting. I wish I did not like stuff so much!!!



Hi Debra

Nice mystery!

Does it say? . . .

G & S or GSH & Co or SGH or HGS or GHS

Horeshoe shape

Etruria is a region of Stoke-on-Trent or more precisely a valley where Wedgwood built a big plant. However, there were numerous smaller makers located there too.

But, not this one that I can find.

I got GBO and looked at every possibility in my Godden's encyclopaedia. Nothing!

Let's see if we get a clever passer by who knows more than us!!

Please post if you have this mark also.

Best regards


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Me too!!
by: Debra

I also thought I have seen this before. I have searched and searched and cannot find anything with a horseshoe mark. Thank you!!

Horse shoe clue??
by: Debra

I was looking around this evening, and found, on a pottery historical website, this, a section on Divisions of Districts:
Hanley and Shelton, with Etruria.

I wonder if getting closer.

Mark on Etruria with horseshoe NEW
by: Anonymous

I have two pieces with the same Etruria mark in black. They are a small pitcher and a soap dish. I haven't had any luck finding any provenance either. Good luck - you are not alone...

Maybe American? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been wondering if it could be Griffen, Smith and Hill of Pennsylvania. They are known for majolica, which they called Etruscan, but did other things as well. Of course, I didn't find this mark!

Eturia Back stamp
by: Nicola mason

Hello Debra,
This is certainly an Eturia Back stamp from Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, England. Most commonly known as the,'The Potteries'as the this was once the booming industry of Stoke On Trent and although Wedgewoods & Doultons and many others still remain, most have dwindled into decline.
Now a friend of mine with greater knowledge is looking at precisely which factory this item was made and for a precise cira for the back stamp so maybe we can shed more light onto your jug possibly?

Horseshoe stamp Etruria Pitcher
by: R. Graham

I also have a similar item. Same markings on the bottom. The pitcher I have is lighter beige with some gold trim and the floral portion has some blues.

Cannot find anything about it either.

Eturia Back Stamp NEW
by: Nicola Mason

Sorry for the delay.

You see the Potteries, Stoke On Trent was/is known as the five Town's and the pottery industry's were scattered thorough out the five Town within Stoke On Trent. These were Stoke, Hanley, Burslem, Tunstall and Longton so vairiations can be distributed within different areas and sub factories from main factories exsisted many years ago.
For Example, Wedgwoods had several factories within Stoke On Trent & (The Five Towns). Now only one factory remains.

We will keep the search on for the true identity of thee factory maker.

George S Harker and Co Eturia
by: Nick Cooper

Greetings from Stoke on Trent! Your mystery manufacturer is George S Harker and Co. For reference see here:

Hope this helps!

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