Porcelain Mark Backtamp on Figural Group of Skipping Children - Crown above shield with B (or Sv) over Letter M

by Spider Fish

Porcelain Mark Backtamp  on Figural Group of Skipping Children - Crown above shield with B (or Sv) over  Letter M

Porcelain Mark Backtamp on Figural Group of Skipping Children - Crown above shield with B (or Sv) over Letter M

Porcelain Mark Backtamp on Figural Group of Skipping Children - Crown above shield with B (or Sv) over Letter M:- This is a damaged piece that I thought quite charming anyway so I gave the people running the estate sale a fiver for it. I didn't notice the mark until I arrived home and had a chance to look it over. I thought the mark was a Crown over a shield with possibly a B in it over an M. The piece is about six inches long and 5 inches high.

I assume it is European. The animal in front is a goose and it looks like the boy in the middle is getting ready to step on a cabbage. The mark was scanned at 600 dpi and then saved to jpg.

Thank you for your very useful web site.



Porcelain Mark Backtamp on Figural Group of Skipping Children - Crown above shield with B (or Sv) over Letter M

Dear SF

Many thanks for submitting, and glad you are finding the site useful - shared knowledge is a powerful tool.

I was interested in your submission because I can see the fantastic quality of a bygone era immediately in your piece. Clearly German as far as I could see. I am not surprised you found it charming. There are certain pieces which, although they may not be priceless Meissen or Royal Vienna, they display the true quality of workmanship allowed in days gone by.

Such a refreshing change to the mass produced tat, many have sitting on their shelves and mantlepieces. I try to emulate as best I can this type of quality today with my own factory in Staffordshire (see advert top right of page).

Anyway, your mark stumped me at first because it was very unfamiliar, yet the work was truly superb in every way.

I looked at the books, but of course, crown marks are the most difficult to pin down because there are simply hundreds of makers
using crown marks and many variations within each manufacturer. Literally thousands of entries to look through. To no avail in your case, until I decided to look for the very distinctive shape of your crown. I saw only three - all German (this must be a Germanic style of crown or coronet). One was a company called E & A Muller of Schwarza-Saale (or Schwarza-Saalbahn) of Thuringia. The others were ZEH, Scherzer & Co of Bavaria and Wachtersbach of Hesse.

None of the marks attributed to those makers matched yours, although the crowns were a similar shape. The Muller mark had a different shaped shield to your example and the letters 'S' & 'V' interlaced within the shield. However, the fact that there was an 'M' on your mark was a big hint the first one might be worth exploring, so I checked the marks of E & A Muller.

Bingo! Your mark was shown to have been used by them from 1895.

E. & A. Müller of Thuringia, Germany (1890 - 1927) makers of fine porcelain. Very little else is known about this maker, so any contributions would be very welcome. At least we now have a fine example of their work on the public record here on the forum.

To explain your mark more - the letter you think looks like a capital "B" within the shield is, in fact, a large capital "S" with a smaller "v". I don't know what these letters stand for, but normally it would be the town of origin. The town in this case is Schwarza-Saale (or Schwarza-Saalbahn) which explains the 'S' but I have no idea what the 'V' indicates. Maybe a German speaker can help out. Perhaps it's to do with the district of Thuringia where the town is located?

Not a known factory, so therefore not a collectible item as such. However, wonderful quality of design and sculpture and make. Well done for brightening my morning!

Peter (admin)

p.s. For valuation advice and identification advice, please go here:

My vintage and antique china values page

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Thank you for the information
by: DS

I apologize for not thanking you earlier-- I was out of town on a business trip. This was the only piece of porcelain in the estate sale but I may be able to find out if there was more and I just arrived at the sale too late. If I find out anything else about the history of this piece I will post it here.

Crown Mark Above Shield with a B or Interlaced Sv
by: Peter (admin)


Many thanks for your follow up post. Please keep us informed if you find out anything more about E & A Muller of Schwarza-Saale (or Schwarza-Saalbahn) of Thuringia.

Peter (admin)

Thank You , you helped in my (crown SV) search
by: Zelai

I´ve been two days searching trough the web trying to find the origin of that stamp.
I have a pair of beautiful figural vases with the same mark.

they say it´s austrian but I´ve been unable to find the source until I came to your place.
I´d like to post some pictures of mine, but I don´t know how.
Thank you very much! (and excuse my english, I´m from Spain.)

Sv over M Photos
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Zelai

Great, glad to be of help! I would love to get more photos of this maker and put them here, so please send them to me (I have to add them manually):-


Peter (admin)

E & A Muller
by: Anonymous

Shield letter is "SV", one superimposed over the other. Page 113, Crown & Shield, item "F" of Kovel's New Dictionary of Marks shows this mark as E & A Muller, 1895 onward. Nice!

by: Leonardo

Thanks for the great work, I was looking for that mark from years on internet and on the books and now I found it :).
I've a porcelain figurine with the same mark underbase, it represent a woman vending fish in a small basket, it is really beautiful, if you want I can post a pic of that so you can add it to the other one, just let me know where i could send it.
Thank u!


Porzellanfabrik E.&A. hallmark - Crown above Shield with B or Sv
by: Kriket

Hi... I came across your post regarding the Crown above shield with B (or S V) over M", while researching (for countless hours) a piece and found a link which may be helpful.

Also, what helped me to realize the letters inside the shield are S V was to Photoshop the image and change filters until the details were sharp.


Porzellanfabrik E.&A. Müller (1890 until 1927)

Best of luck in your search!


SV M Crown Mark E. & A. Müller Porcelain
by: Enrique

Hi Peter,

I am writing because I had been searching for the maker of a mark that is present on one of our antique porcelains at home, until I found your page! The mark on our piece is almost exactly like the one pictured on the page where you answered an inquiry regarding a piece by the same company. At any rate, I noticed that you'd appreciate any additional examples of works by this company, so I have taken the liberty to send you ours. I also want to thank you for your page, we'd probably never have identified the maker without it! Anyhow, some pictures of various angles of the piece are attached.

Best regards,
Enrique A. Villa


My Addition crown m mark blue
by: Ashley

I recently inherited these two pieces and can not find any information on them. Thought they would be a nice addition to this page. Not sure how old.


Can anyone recognize this marking on bottom of statue?
by: ltralgtr AT yahoo DOT com


My Mother is hoping to find information on this marking, and whether the statue is an antique? The statue is white porcelain of 2 ladies with a child, whom look Grecian/Roman. I have been checking all of the sites, and the best I seem to be able to come up with, is that someone was emulating another or several other markings. Sorry if I appear vague, but really just helping mom out, who is frustrated that she can't find this. She is in her 80's and she loves to find "rare" finds.

Thanks for helping me out.

Reply by Peter (admin)

As it says above this mark is by E. & A. Müller of Thuringia, Germany (1890 - 1927) makers of fine porcelain.

Thank you! for identifying the s/v and the M beside it pottery mark
by: A.N Optimist

Hi Peter

I'm so glad to have your page about the crown symbol above the s/v and the M beside it.

I recently bought an absolutely beautiful art deco nude flower frog and was trying to find background history about the piece.

There really isn't much out there...there is a similar piece available on etsy worth over $1000, with the same stamp on the bottom, but the seller didn't have any other information.

I'm not the best at trying to find info on items. And there is another person who posted some more information on your page that also helped immensely.

Thank you again for having this page available.

I'd love to share a photo of the piece.



Hi Ano

Peter (admin) here

I'd love it if these lovely items were worth $1000. At the moment (June 2022), with tastes as they are, there is simply no market for antique ceramics, even very nice examples made my E A Mueller as shown on this thread.

I looked at my secret online price databases of auction results (download my free cheatsheet on how to do this) and over the past few years, the highest even a really nice centerpiece goes for is around $150 - $200 USD. Many lots go unsold. Many for under $100 USD.

Things will change, common sense will once again prevail and the winds of change often take us unawares...

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Another Beautiful Example of E A Mueller's Range of Work
by: Jennifer

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to say again how much I appreciated finding your page about the crown over the S/V symbol with an M next to it. I wanted to share the photos of my piece and learn more about it. I think it's just so beautiful and want to know more if possible. Here are my photos.



e a Mueller S with M pottery mark 1

e a Mueller S with M pottery mark 2

e a Mueller S with M pottery mark 3

e a Mueller S with M pottery mark 4


Hi Jennifer

Many thanks for adding to the thread. This work is stylish and beautifully done.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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