Royal Vale 8 trios POLKADOT Pattern

by Heather
(PERTH, Western Australia)

Royal Vale trios Query: Can anyone help! I have inherited 8 trios, consisting of a tea cup, saucer and side plate, with Royal Vale underneath. The pattern is polkadot in green,red,black,yellow etc... all different colours. It is also trimmed with gold edges. No chips or cracks..perfect.

Anyway... I can't find anything about the year of manufacture. From reading the info on this site, i've come to the assumption that it must've been made in the 70'S.

If anyone has any info, i'd appreciate it !



Reply from Peter (admin)

Hi Heather,

Welcome from Aus! I just clicked on the the Royal Vale online price value guide link on the main Royal Vale page and noticed a UK seller selling a number of polkadot trios and a bowl. They look really nice items.

The starting price for the trios was $8.88 USD and the bowl was 'buy-it-now' $11.57 USD.

Not sure of the year of those - that would be a more specialist question. The ones on ebay dodn't have the Ridgway mark, which is one of the good dating clues on Royal Vale.

If you really need to know right now join John's website, otherwise, let's see if we can get a reply from someone with the knowledge.



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polka dots!!
by: sue

wow! you lucky person!! i found red colour jug at a boot fair for 50p and fll in love with the design. since then i have been trying to collect it off e bay. i have a few bits now, i have green, light blue, black and red. When i showed mymum she said that an aunt used to have a set back in the 60's/70's. aparently it was purchased from woolworths!! what other colours do you have? been told there is a yellow and a lilac but have not seen it. Really love to hear from you.

sue (broadstairs in england)

Polka dots
by: Jane

Hi, I inherited 15 teacups,12 saucers, 6 side plates , I remember using them as a child at my great aunts house, I'm trying to find more information about them, have various colours including the yellow and lilac.

Royal vale polka dot tea set
by: Kate

Hi heather,

My grandmother had the same set. Which unfortunately my mother gave to a family friend when I was a teenager, after my grandmother passed away. If you ever want to sell the set, please let me know as I've been looking for a set for the past 15 years.


Polka Dot
by: Anonymous

The sets were sold in Woolworths years ago. Some of the first sets were made in the 1950s and the second sets stamped in the 1960s. I knew of six colours but believe there are eight, dark blue, light blue, red, black, green, yellow and lilac. My family gave them way when my uncle died, too old fashioned to keep, we had a full set of six (not yellow or lilac). How times change.

royal vale polka dots
by: cris

I have the yellow polka dot set but, unfortunately the saucer was broken in shipping. I would love to replace saucer but I'm finding that yellow is one of the harder colors to find. I'm getting more and more interested in this polka dot pattern the more I search around for it. Has anyone got a yellow saucer in this pattern for sale? Many thanks, Cris

Pale blue polka dot
by: Sally Rutland

My mother was given a set for her wedding in 1950 and passed it on to me about four years ago, I have 6 of each cups, saucers and tea plates. Unfortunately I broke two cups last year but have just been able to replace them from eBay. I had no idea there were any other colours until I checked out the blue ones so try there too.
I now have two spare saucers if they are any use to anyone.

Royal Vale Polka dot tea sets
by: Anonymous


I have many plates and saucers in all colours except lilic, Sadly I broke most of my cups when moving house. If any one has to many cups, not enough plates and saucers I would be happy to swop a cup for a few plates and saucers.


Polka Dot NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi all
I have a set of cups, saucers and side plates 2 of each in light blue, lilac, yellow, black, green and raspberry a milk jug sugar bowl in green and then two larger plates for sandwiches and cakes one green and raspberry all of which I inherited. Unfortunately I haven’t found either of the other two colours.

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