Cold Porcelain Bunnies

by Bettina Thorp
(Macksville, NSW, Australia)

Cold Porcelain Pink Bunny

Cold Porcelain Pink Bunny

The more I use this medium, the better I like it. It's non toxic and easy to use.. oh and did I mention it's cheap to make up? You can paint your critters after they have dried, but I prefer colouring the paste itself. I prefer the finish this gives.

I use small black seed beads for eyes as I feel they give a better finish to the animal, although there is a place for painting eyes too.
I seal the whole thing once it's thoroughly dry with acrylic sealer.

I use white florist wire for antennae and other bits as you can colour it. I have found the green florist wire will bleed green into the surrounding paste.

Where I can I also use foil or styrofoam balls as a base to wrap the "clay" around. It doesn't take as long to dry that way. It's great for making bodies or heads.

Bettina Thorp


Peter (admin) says:- Bettina, just love your bunny critter!! Looks totally like fabric. How d'you do that??

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Cold Porcelain Bunnies quilting tool
by: Bettina

I have a "quilting" tool. It's a little wheel with "spikes" on it and as you roll it it leaves the "stitching" pattern. There are little one's for fondant as well as the original ones used for tracing patterns for quilts and sewing.


Peter (admin) says:- nice work! Great technique.

cold porcelain and silicone
by: Anonymous

I have been experimenting with various materials such as silicone and it works well. The only thing is it dries much slower then normal.


Peter (admin) says:

That sounds interesting. Explain a bit more though, I don't understand fully what you mean.

cold porcelain - silicone caulking
by: Anonymous

peter to answer the question i have used silicone caulking as in weather striping and another discovery cook up very sticky cold porcelain dough then rolled in sand it acts as salt but without the attraction of humidity

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