Information regarding a bone china dinner service

by Paul Murphy
(Whitehaven, England)

Could you please provide me with some information regarding this dinner service

It has a stamp on the bottom of a crown with Lubbery or Lubery bone china made in England 22 KT gold.

Any information about this would be greatly appreciated.

It was a wedding gift to my mam and dad when they got married in 1970, we recently had an accident with it and i am trying to find some replacements for them.

I would like to know the name of the design and a supplier if possible.

Many thanks

Paul Murphy



There is no such maker as Lubbery or Lubery. I think you have misinterpreted the spelling. If you can get to a scanner, the best way to get a detailed photo of the pottery mark is to scan the base of a plate.


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any info
by: Anonymous

iv just been left the same dinner set and would like to no wot its worth

Name of the dinner service
by: Paul Murphy

The company that made the dinner service is Lubern, If anyone has the same dinner service please contact me on

Lubery or lubern china
by: Anonymous

I have 6 tea plates, one cream jug and a sugar basin in this 22KT GOLD pattern I was planning on trying to sell.
Does anyone know the correct name yet please?

by: pmmurphy967

Further to the above comment, the name is Lubern, I have not yet managed to obtain any information on it. If you are planning on selling it please keep me informed

Lubern China (Lubery) Pottery Mark Explained
by: Peter (admin)

I did some googling and found a report describing the history of Lubern China. Apparently, from the 1960's onwards, it was the pottery mark of a decorating studio of a Stoke artisan and businessman Bernard Flemming. He was based in Northwood, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. He died only a few years ago.

The name Lubern came from putting together his own name and his wife Lucy's. Ladies come first, of course so it was Lu....Bern!

When I say 'decorating studio', I mean that in the age old tradition, he bought in white-ware to put his own designs and stamps on.

Apparently, he used Aynsley and Paragon and would have sourced his decal transfers from someone like Cappas or a competitor.

Today, like Bernard, I still do the rounds to and from these specialist transfer printers to get the best prices from them for my figurine backtamps and other decoration details (see my advert opposite for my figurine shop)

In my case, I sell direct to collectors via the internet, but Bernard sold to several key accounts (retailers) around the UK. I am not sure if he ever exported, so it would be useful if any non UK people can post here to tell us.

Peter (admin)

Lubern Dinner Set
by: Janet Osterman

I have some Lubern Bone China and would like to replace some broken pieces. I am missing 5 of the 8inch side plates and 1 of the 6 inch side plates to make my set of 12 settings complete. I am also interested in finding some mugs or cups and saucers to match. The setting I have is plain white with a "fluted" (I think the closest description 1 inch "border" (or slightly raised area) around the outside with a 22kt gold edging. I can provide photos if you can email

josters60 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Thank you

by: Anonymous

I have decided to try & sell my pieces of Lubern china on Ebay. Fingers crossed!


Peter (admin) says:-

Be sure to use the info I researched to big-up the Lubern name (if you copy & paste word for words, please give me a mention).

Good luck - report back here to let us know how you got on.

Tip: - make sure your auction finishes on a Sunday early evening - in your local ebay

lubern 22kt gold bone china
by: Anonymous

Hi I have some plates , cups and saucers with this design, passed to me by my late mother. they have sat in a box for the last 3 years and feel they could perhaps appeal to someone else. How do I know if anyone is interested in buying them?

If your sell Lubern please email me
by: Pmmurphy967

I am looking for Lubern, if you have any with the same pattern as the on I posted, please let me know by email.....

Pmmurphy967 AT aol DOT com

tea set
by: Anonymous

i have one of these sets cke plate, saucers, tea plates, cups sugar and cream jugs its for six but there is one cup missing and its from 1936,

Please contact me if you have any Lubern china
by: Paul Murphy

If you have any Lubern bone china of the same design please contact me on Please if you see any for sale can you drop me a line. It would be greatly appreciated.


Lubern Chine
by: Jayne

If anyone decides to sell any of their china, please email me with prices, to Thank you.

Lubern Tea set
by: Rob

I was also looking to sell my Lubern set, but have no idea of the value or where to start. Can anybody help?

lubern tea set
by: annie

i have a beautiful set6 cups 6 saucers tea pot milk jug and sugar bowl im looking to sell it belonged to my nan and im in my 50s is a small rose pattern with 22 kt gold theres not a mark or chip on it and would love to sell it to someone who would appreciate it .
I can be contacted at

Lubern china - as photo
by: Jayne

If anyone is interested in selling any of their Lubern China as the picture above, then please contact me on Many thanks.

pink crinoline lady teaset/teapot/cake plate/sugar bowl
by: Anonymous

I would like to sell this but don't know how much it is worth it has never been used just displayed I inherited it from my mother it was a wedding present in 1950

Complete Lubern dinner service for sale
by: Jeanne

I have the complete dinner service for 12 (86 pieces) for sale. The one with 22c gold edging.
It was given to us as a wedding present in l968 and I have used it twice since then!!
I have a picture I can send. Consisting of large dinner plates, small salad plates, side plates, soup cups with saucers and tea cups with saucers, plus two large tureens for vegs. etc.
The set is available in San Diego Ca. and I will only be there between Dec. 13th - 16th and again from Dec. 30th - Jan 2nd. So I need to hear from you soon!

Lubern China
by: Anonymous

the name is Lubern porcelain China.

You will not find many dinner services advertised. there are quite a few cups, saucer and plate sets available in different patterns, some the same as your pattern.

We have an 86 piece 22 carat gold set with place servings and serving dishes.

Lucern. (pinkie)
by: Julie Griffiths

Hi, I have some Lucern Bone China for sale if anybody is interested. jugriffo@

Lubern 22kt China
by: Bernadette

I'm researching some of my antiques and I have a Bone China bowl from Lubern. He wrote in blue pen "July 1969" along with his gold lettering.
I saw an article here from Peter that asks if any of Berns China made it to other countries. The piece I have here is in New York State.
I bought it in an Antique store here in upstate New York.
It's a very delightful story of the artist using his name and his wife Lucy's name to come up with the signature name Lubern.


lubern 22kt gold china tea set
by: hugh

I have 6 cups and saucers and 6 small plates for sale.they are white with gold pattern .excellent condition never used and were bought in 1972

by: gillian

i have a full dinner service in the 22k lily of the vally design if anyone is interested

1 x Autumn Leaves saucer NEW
by: Lynne

I have a Lubern saucer superb condition 22Kt Gold
autumn leaves design I am trying to find out what it maybe and value roughly ? Many thanks Lynne

Pinkie NEW
by: Michelle

Hello i have cups four saucers and four side plates for sale would prefer buyer to collect, although will consider p and p.c

Please notify me if interested, at

Many thanks.

Lubern coffee service NEW
by: Anne

I have a Lubern coffee service for sale. Bought in 1965. White with 22kt gold edge. Comprises 6 coffe cups, 6 saucers, 1coffee pot with lid, cream jug and sugar bowl. Excellent condition.
Any interest/offers?

Pinkie NEW
by: Michelle

Just to add to my previous comment my set has the pink frontline gypsy lady on. Four cups saucers and tea plates please notify me if interested in buying

White Lubern china
by: Alexandra

I have a set of six, white Lubern 22k fluted cups, saucers and sideplates if anybody is interested. I live in Ontario Canada. They belonged to my mum and she gave them to me many years ago. I brought them with me when we emigrated.

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