Pottery Mark - Austrian? - Signed "Wahlip Wien" -- are these crossed hammers?

by Richard

Pottery Mark  - Austrian? - Signed

Pottery Mark - Austrian? - Signed

Pottery Mark - Austrian? - Signed "Wahlip Wien" -- are these crossed hammers?:- Hey, I know enough to know that "Wien" is Vienna, Austria. But that is really as far as I can get. This is a very unusual plate here in my small collection, because the painting of this bird, and some of the flowers, are at a very high relief, and do not seem glazed with the plate.

I am quite sure this plate was purely decorative, and I'm not saying attractively decorated, but having detailed decorations, that's for sure.

I do like the effect of the non-symmetical blue border, which gives the illusion of a night sky on the outskirts of this scene. It is a bit Baroque for my taste, but it is an interesting piece.

I have tried to find something about this mark, which may be a crown, above a squiggly, and in front of crossed hammers? I don't think these are swords, but a lot of swords on pottery marks don't look much like swords.

The only thing I see about Vienna is the shield mark, which this does not seem to even remotely resemble. I did find one other fancy cabinet plate that was signed by "Wahlip", but I couldn't find much information about him (I assume a him) either. If this were a modern piece, I would know this is a facsimile signature, but since this plate has some vintage, this might be an actual hand signature. And what a gorgeous signature it is!

I am sure someone will recognize this mark, but my search for "crossed hammers" was not fruitful. I would love to know the maker and approximate date of this plate!



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Peter (admin) says:-

Dear Richard

What a fascinating query. Just the sort we like. A beautiful item with a rich and interesting history.

Now, I didn't really know anything about this Wahlip Wein, because, as you may know, I don't claim to be any kind of expert or collector, just an enthusiast who likes gathering and storing accurate information.

One of the things I have gathered is that anything remotely connected with Bohemia or Vienna (or the term "Amphora") tends to have the distinct possibility of a large price tag attached to it!

However, I have lots of reference books and am very good at advanced Googling. What I have found out is that the name does not say Wahlip at all, but it says Wahlis (sometimes spelled Wahliss). It is the signature of one Ernst Wahliss who was originally a retailer of expensive porcelains both in Vienna (hence the Wien) and London.

He then decided to 'vertically integrate' as they say in the business world and in 1894 took over the factory of Alfred Stellmacher factory in Turn, Bohemia (now Trnovany in the Czech Republic) which went by the name of "Alfred Stellmacher Imperial and Royal Porcelain Factory" and also the "Alexandra Porcelain Works" (not to be confused with the companies of Alfred’s son, Eduard Stellmacher - RStK Amphora and Stellmacher Co).

By all accounts, Wahliss's Alfred Stellmacher factory closed in 1934. I looked up the marks for this firm, but didn't see your particular crossed hammer mark listed, so couldn't get a more accurate date for you. If anyone has any information on this mark, please post below.

If I were you I would get this plate appraised:-

My vintage and antique china values page

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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Cross Hammers
by: Carol

Sure looks like a Pirkenhammer to me, but don't know for sure. Give it a try and hope you are finding the info you need!

Pirkenhammer marks
by: Jen (Sydney, Aust)

I too have the same marking on the back of my dinnerset & managed to locate the mark online at www.collectorscircle.com thanks to the person who suggested the mark was Pirkenhammers. Our mark dates the pieces between 1873-1918

Good luck


Ernest Wahlis-Pirkenhammer
by: Dawn

Finally! The right place with the right answers!

I was given a gorgeous tea cup & saucer with the same hammer mark & signature, what I thought was "Wahlip Wien".

However, the signature on the saucer is in black, and the cup is in red. Also, there is a very faint impression of what appears to be the letters P N.

Any thoughts on these letters? And/or date of origin?
I wish I could share a photo, as it is very beautiful with lots of heavy gold gilt!
Many Thanks!

Yes please, send us photos
by: Peter (admin)

Hi, yes please a photo to me and I'll place on your comment.

Please state clearly which thread the pics are for, because I'll likely forget.


I really like Pirkenhammer wares - they were a really top maker.


Peter (admin)

something similar
by: Anonymous


Ernest Wahliss
by: Irene

Looking to figure out when a pitcher I have was made. I don't understand the numbers on the bottom of the piece. It is an Ernest Wahliss. Made in turn Wein. austria has red numbers on the bottom also numbers embedded in the porceline. How do I find out when it was made. It is a pitcher with a nymph handle and a man's face emerging from the front of the vase.

Ashtray or pin dish NEW
by: Vickie

I have a small dish approx. 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" with a beehive, an odd looking 'crown' on top and the word 'Wien' all in blue. I can not feel any of this with my fingernail. Then in green the numbers 78 and 638 and under that is 604-3. Also the words 'Made in Austria' in red. I can feel the numbers and made in with my fingernail. There are two places that appear to perhaps hold a cigarette? I have looked at trademark and logo sites but am unable to learn anything more about this dish! Hope you will help and any knowledge I can get helps me learn. I may be retired but I will never stop learning!! Thanks, Vickie

Real or fake mark? NEW
by: Vickie

Sorry I didn't ask in note I wrote buy does anyone know if this is a real mark? Value? Thanks, Vickie

Pottery Mark - Austrian? - Signed "Wahlip Wien" NEW
by: Keith Spruce

The script is Whalis Wein, as signatures found on Ernst Wahliss art nouveau ceramics, circa 1900.

I recognise the signature NEW
by: MJ

Is this not Wahlifs Wien? Bohemian porcelain from around 1860?

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