3" rose and green glazed pitcher "paul lee" OR "gaul lee" OR "jaul lee" OR "saul lee" pottery

by Corinne resca
(Salem mass)

"paul lee" OR "gaul lee" OR "jaul lee" OR "saul lee" pottery OR jug OR pitcher

Hello Peter and all

My name is Corinne and I love to shop in antique and thrift stores always looking for that special thing that calls out to me. I love antiques and although I have so many , I don't really know much about value .

I do enjoy investigating and learning about my treasures and most of the time I have good luck identifying them . I love to decorate my home , which this year I chose the " shabby chic" style.most of my finds are of the victorian period and I love anything pink!

I am an artist and I feel I have a good eye for beautiful things ..while doing my thrift shop thing last month I swayed away from my usual victorian style when I spotted a 3 inch pitcher.

It was pinkish! Right up my alley! My eyes caught it for a moment and I passed it by and continued on .. It wasn't victorian .. At least I don't believe so.I picked up a couple of things and as I was about to leave I glanced to my side and caught view of it again.

I decided I needed to have it I loved the petiteness of it and it was such a pretty rose color with a green glaze over it. It had no price so the salesman let me have it for a dollar. Upon taking it home I tried to research it on the internet and could find nothing. I really can't understand the signature at all although it is pretty clear . It looks like it says either gaul lee potter or jaul lee potter to me but others may see it differently.

I uploaded photos and I hope they are clear enough. I am hoping someone can tell me not only the name of the artist but even maybe someone knows a little about the piece as well. Whether or not I find out I love my little
Rose color pitcher ..

I think it's beautiful both shape ,size and color.

Thanks so much and I look forward to any feedback. -


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Unknown ? LEE Signature on small art pitcher
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Corinne

A lovely little article. You did it just right, thanks.

This is a tough one though. The most difficult ones to solve are the art potter with an illegible signature.

With this one I think we can say it is a obscure small maker - very talented, but not at all widespread or known.

I put in some pretty heavy duty advanced searches for

"paul lee" OR "gaul lee" OR "jaul lee" OR "saul lee" pottery OR jug OR pitcher.

Nothing at all came up - normally a sign of an individual with very little output or an amateur.

Very nice pot though.

If someone knows more, please post.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Yankee Potter?
by: Anonymous

Looks like it might say Yankee Potter to me.

Gaul Lee? GOLLY?
by: Lesiel

Going through old house/ China and pottery and found this today. Seems similar...located in Northern VT.

Yankee Potter
by: Anonymous

I have a minature pitcher with similar signature. Took a bit to figure it out but I'm quite sure it's Yankee Potter.

That's YANKEE POTTER and my grandfather made it! NEW
by: Jeannie from Maine

Hello! I am so excited right now! I just found this online, scouring Google for my Pa's pottery. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to purchase this from you as there are many many grandchildren and many many great grandchildren all very interested in having some of Pa's and Gram's pieces! Would you be willing to correspond? It really delighted me that you adored his pottery and had to have it! :-)
My best,

Yankee Potter NEW
by: Anonymous

Yankee Potter.
My stepfather in the 1960s. These were made by him in the 50s and 60s.

we have two of these
by: Jeff

We have found ourselves with a pair of Yankee Potter miniature pitchers, one blue and the other red. I have no idea how old this thread is. Is anyone interested in them?

by: Anonymous

I'm interested in knowing more please! Someone posted these were made by their step-father? Hmmm.. I'm his granddaughter and he didn't have any step-children we're aware of. :)

in a box somewhere NEW
by: Jeff

Our two Yankee Potter pitchers are buried in a box somewhere. When we run into them someday I'll take pictures and post them.

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