Antique Bone China Answers To Royal Worcester Backstamp Question

by Stewart

Antique Bone China Answers To Royal Worcester Backstamp Question  - a selection of Royal Worcester Marks

Antique Bone China Answers To Royal Worcester Backstamp Question - a selection of Royal Worcester Marks

Antique Bone China Answers To Royal Worcester Backstamp Question:-

We have a Royal Worcester antique bone china set of cups and saucers that we are unable to date or find the name of the pattern.

Just wondered if you could help. The cups are coffee cup in size, with the marking

Royal Worcester (R)

Fine Bone China England.

There are no dots.

The pattern is gold rimmed, flowers but not in colour, monochrome only, quite plain in shape.



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To: Antique Bone China Answers To Royal Worcester Backstamp Question

Hi Stewart

Thanks for gettting in touch.

From the info you supplied, my guess is your Royal Worcester coffee service dates from the 1956 to 1972 production era, as in these years there were marks with 'R' which may not have had dots added for the years. 1956-1958 were mainly associated with 'R' mark with dots.

Here's some info which will help everyone with their Royal Worcester backstamp dating:

Puce marks date from 1900 to 1941

1941 to present: black backstamps

Green marks used for:
Boer War Soldiers
First World War Soldiers

Blue marks used for:
limited series only

Red marks:
Very few.

Royal Worcester - Basic Marking System

Four linked W's crest surmounted by a crown:

Begun 1862

1891 - the words 'ROYAL WORCESTER ENGLAND' appear ringed around the crest.

Every following year until 1903 a dot is added near the crown

To the left side - even years

To the right - odd years.

1904 dots are also put under the crest:

as follows:

One for each year until 1915

1916 A star is used to replace all the dots accumulated to that date.

a single dot added for each year through to 1927.

Puce Marks

1928 Small square
1929 Diamond
1930 Three horizontal lines
1931 OO (two circles)
1932 OOO (three circles)
1933-1938 Three circles and one dot
1939 Then a dot for each year

Black Marks 1938 To Date

B-1 Black One

1938 Three circles and 6 dots
1939 Three circles and 7 dots
1940 Three circles and 8 dots
Blue wavy line sometimes added for 1938, 1939 and 1940

B-2 Black Two

1941 Three circles and 9 dots
1942 Three circles and 10 dots
1943 The black mark with no date code
1944 Bone china in large letters
1945 to 1947 The black mark with no date code
1948 Bone china in small letters

B-3 Black Three

1949 Black mark with V

B-4 Black Four

1950 Black mark with W
1951 to 1954 Black mark with W and one
1955 dot added for each year

B-5 Black Five

1956 R and 6 dots
1957 R and 7 dots
1958 R and 8 dots

1956 to 1972 Black mark which may or may not have dots added for years

1988 Black mark with M inside a diamond (M replaces R)

1989 Black mark with N inside a diamond (N replaces M)

1900 to date:

Black mark with R inside a circle (Reverting back to the R inside a circle but with lithographer's numbers added to indicate the year).

At-a-glance Worcester Marking System
1862 - 1915

Hope that helps!

If you'd like any further help identifying the pattern or if you're wondering how much it's worth, I suggest you click on the link below which takes you to a page I've written especially to help visitors to my site research their wares.

My unique identification & valuation resource puts you in touch with a professional appraiser (checked out my me personally!) who lets you see if the mark is identifiable by experts without you having to pay any money upfront. This service is unique online and is designed to protect my site visitors from wasting their time and money online.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

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Royal Worcester Pottery Mark Information
by: Geoff

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for taking the trouble to post such useful information on this site. I appreciate the time you always take to help the visitors.


royal worcester
by: chris

hi, i have got a gold coloured royal worcester coffee set but the mark on the bottom of all items has a circle with just one looped W inside. at the top is "royal worcester" underneath is "porcelian" with "made in england" underneath that and finally "s/s" underneath that, all marks are in green. I have not seen any marks like that on other item so is this a fake. many thanks

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association United Kingdom Branch royal Worcester Fine Bone China
by: michelle

Hi I have a soapdish/trinket box! Not sure which it is! It is white with a gold rim around the base and lid with the palace of westminster symbol on the lid. It also has an R in a circle underneath the crest of Four linked W's surmounted by a crown. I can't quite see if it is 51 in the centre of the crest or another small symbol! I was wondering if you had any idea of the year and if it is worth anything?

Also have couple of pieces of green wedgwood with the palace of westminster symbol.




note from moderator:-

Valuation queries are dealt with here:-

...not on the Public Help Forum

Royal Worcester Tea/Coffee service
by: John

I have 48 pieces of Worcester, the majority have 6 dots to the left and 7 to the right of the crest.
I cant find the year of manufature

What year was this made?
by: Anonymous

I have an ivory and gold round porcelain with handle and spout. It has a green mark and an oblong box with numbers on the bottom. It is difficult to read, but I could see the
Letter N in the box along with other numbers. When might
this be made? Thank you.

Yellow tea plates
by: Anonymous

I have two bright yellow tea plates that are marked Royal Worcester with the crown but then have some letters and numbers around the edge of the base of the plate ?
RdNo6 61926
Can anyone tell me what these mean ?
Thank you

Year of Vase
by: Lindy

Hi, I have a Blush Ivory vase with the stamp in purple. There are no dots. It has the Letters F, F1 and JS along with the reg number 68828 and 1215. Hope this is enough information.

Pattern Identify
by: Writer28

Trying to identify a Royal Worcester set of plates and teacups. Just a 51 in the middle with Royal Worcester around the stamp.

Something handwritten in red-a 29 outside the stamp to the top right and a red Z 1446/1 towards the bottom. Yellow flower pattern.
There may be a G under the stamp with 1 dot to the left and 2 to the right. No dots near the outside of the crown.

Even Replacements Ltd could not identify it. Help?

Answer to pattern question
by: Anonymous

By the description of the pattern, it appears to be Royal Worcester RW162, although I could be wrong because there is no print. RW162 displays a black floral spray on a white background with a gold rim. You can look at the pattern on the website to verify my belief. If that is not the pattern, you can search through* all of the Royal Worcester patterns or narrow down your search by using keywords from the pattern in the search box. I found this pattern while I was searching for the name of my own pattern, and I remembered reading the question here.
Hope this is helpful :).

Tiffany & Co Royal Worcester England Tea Cup
by: JMC


Trying to identify a double handled Tiffany & Co by Royal Worcester tea cup. Royal Worcester logo matches the 1910 one above, the cup has a green band across the top and thin gold band down each handle. Have been searching and searching online but haven't had any luck identifying the age/pattern. Any clues would help!

Lavinia pattern question
by: Anonymous

Why do some of my Lavinia White bone saucers have the pattern number Z 2821 and some only have LAVINIA in all caps?

dinner plates
by: Anonymous

i have dinner plates with 6 dots either side of blue circle and a single dot beneath, they are not any type i can see in pictures own google or looking at sites, they are deep cobalt blue rims with a small lighter blue pattern inside the rim do you know what they might be and i guess looking at date marks they are around 1904

by: Anonymous


I have a barrel style jug/pitcher in the Willow pattern, Chinoiserie. I have looked everywhere on-line and can find it only in blue. The one I have is in red/pink. It does have a green maker's mark. Do I have something a bit special here?


Cathy M.

royal worcester dinner set - muskateer stamp NEW
by: Marlene

Hello ! Thank you for your information. I have a set that has the standard circle, crown - one dot on left, right and top of crown. Under royal worcester 2 dots left, 3 rings 3 dots right. The thing is, there is a stamp of a muskateer with the words Fidi et Fiducia underneath him. I cannot find anything with a muskateer stamp on the back - Any knowledge you can send my way? Thank you

Worcester Plates NEW
by: Lana


Could you please help me with my plates? It is a set of 6 approx. 9.25" cake plates and a cake stand. The plates are white with a robin blue rim and guilt ornament around the blue edge. There are flowers in the middle (each plate has different flowers). No traditional Royal Worcester marking but one plate has Worcester embossed on the back (you can feel it with your fingers). Each plate has tiny hand painted 7476 and five dots (three on top, two on the bottom) in dark red or bright red. I checked everything online about Worcester china and could not find anything about embossed marking.

Thank you for your help.

Combination NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have a piece stamp oyster plate set with no gold but has a small "a" meaning 1890, but there is an additional 1170 under the small "a". Stamped into the plate itself is a1 with a small circular impression below. The additional information beyond the small "a" confuses me regarding the dating.

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