Antique bone China Query - Aynsley teacups

by Claire

Antique bone China Query - Aynsley teacups

Antique bone China Query - Aynsley teacups

Antique bone China Query - Aynsley teacups:- I have a set of Aynsley teacups and saucers with a cake plate and 6 small plates to match along with a cream jug and sugar bowl. All have a green Aynsley mark stating 'Aynsley' in a ribbon scroll and 'bone china' over this with a crown between the words 'bone' and 'china'.

There is a hand written pattern number of B5081 and this set is puzzling as I cannot find out anything about it or anything similar on the internet????? Any ideas? The design is inside the teacups and is an emerald green colour with a swirling gold pattern and rim.

The outside of the teacup is white with a gold band around the base, centre of the cup and rim as well as on the hand.

I am thinking they are from the 1930's - 1950's period because of the 'bone china' mark and something similar that I have seen but I am very new to this so any help would be appreciated!


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Reply by Peter (admin)

To:- Antique bone China Query - Aynsley teacups

Hi Claire

Thanks for your query.

The set you have is a lovely design - very simple but able to give you great pleasure to use or simply admire.

You were correct in the earlier of your estimations of date. The backstamp mark can be dated to between 1934 and 1939 making it late art deco but not of the extreme Claris Cliff 'Bizarre' type. After this time, the stamp is similar but has an 'EST. 1775' added.

Aynsley often did not name their patterns but simply gave them a number. This seems to be the case here.

It is strange to think of this lovely set being produced in the period of the great stock market crash and before the Second World war.

If you'd like further information or a valuation, I suggest you visit my page:

Otherwise, anybody with any other information about this lovely tea service is more than welcome to leave a comment below.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

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I have some of these Aynsley cups too
by: Kathy

I am so glad you posted this comment. Recently my mom gave me a couple of boxes of china and crystal that I think is from my grandmother. (My mom is 86 years old) I have been so frustrated because I too can't find anything about these Aynsley cups and saucers. They have the exact same stamp as the ones described but are black with three different designs all on the outside with the th gold rim on the inside. One of the numbers is B4156, another 4683 and the other two cups have 130473 with a 5 underneath and two of the cups just have the 5. I would be interested in getting a date and valuation.



Valuation of Aynsley China Tea Sets
by: Peter (admin)

If you'd like further information or a valuation, I suggest you visit my page:

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Peter (admin)

Aynsley set marked b 4617
by: Anonymous

I enjoyed the queries and comments on line. I have a tea set Aynsley Bone China marked in hand B 4617, a wedding present from 1942. There are 12 cups, saucers and side plates. It is in perfect condition. A green/yellow/white floral pattern. I would be grateful for any information.

tea cup and saucer sets
by: Sol

Regarding the Aynsley tea cups, I'd bet they're closer to the 50s in age as that particular bluish-like color seemed to gain popularity in the 50s. That color alone may increase the value of those cups - they're very good looking.

aynsley demitasse
by: maylene

I recently inherited an Aynsley Demitasse Coffee Set.
It is a beautiful pale green with yellow roses and gold edging.
It has the number B5136/2 hand written near the mark.
I am assuming that it is from the late 30's early 40's as the mark has "est 1775" near the crown.
Any information would be greatly appreciated as I would like to know if there are other pieces that match that i could collect.
Thank you

teaset with purple flowers
by: Anonymous

I recently inherited and Aynsley tea set with purple flowers and the pattern number is C1197. Can't seem to find it on the net. Any thoughts? The mark appears to be from the 1930-1940 or 50's era.

Color of tea cup
by: Sol

I love the color on the inside of that tea cup. Looks like 1940's maybe? That was a popular color in those days - Still is in Cali... Thanks for posting!


coffee set
by: Theresa

I have a Aynsley coffee set. It is cream with a gold rim and base. Gold scrolling enclosing a pink rose. On the bottom it has a green stamp with a crown est 1779 England Bone China 116017 written in red. I can't find any reference to this pattern. Can you help.

Looking to find out how old it is?
by: New collector

I have an Aynsley pink and bone white inside tea cup and tea cup plate. And some other tea sets from other like Phoenix China T.F &S.LTD. made in England also Furnivals quilt 1913 RN # 684771 I'm trying to find out there value I'm new to collecting and wanthe to know if I'm off to a good start??? Any advice or history of my collection would be greatly appreciated

Very good place to start
by: Peter (admin)


Well done. Two good makers to start with.

Search this site for the info on these two fine makers.

Aynsley stands out at being luxury fine bone china makers and one of the oldest UK companies still surviving to this day. A true rarity in this day and age.

Peter (admin)

Aynsley cottage garden scalloped mug/cup with label
by: Marie

I have an Anysley COTTAGE GARDEN scalloped mug/cup that has been on display for years now, never used. It's in mint condition with the original sticker on it as well. After researching this pattern, which has several different designs in cups/mugs, and finding the SCALLOPED mug, which is what I have, I've come to learn the not only are the pattern name and AYNSLEY markings on the bottom. There's also a statement saying under the pattern name. It says
"Portrayal of the flora of an English Cottage Garden". So my question is why do some of these mugs state this and some not at all?

Coffee set NEW
by: Anonymous

Are a coffee set made for elder dempster ship line worth anything.

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