by Mrs Roberta Hurst
(Albuquerque, New Mexico USA)

Thorley's of Staffordshire - Swan With Flowers - Fine Bone China

Thorley's of Staffordshire - Swan With Flowers - Fine Bone China

Antique Bone China - Query: "I have a small bone china swan figurine carrying two flowers on its back. The mark on the bottom is a kind of elongated shield in dark black with three flowers on it and some other marks. Below that is a banner in gold with the word Thorlet or thorvlet in dark black written on the banner. Below that it is printed english bone China and below that it is printed Staffordshire England. What can you tell me about it"?


Reply from Peter (admin)

Hello Roberta

Many thanks for your inquiry. Hope you are enjoying the site.

We can solve your problem straight away. The company in question is Thorley's of Staffordshire - a small company who were based in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. Thorley specialized in hand-made flowers on bone china floral bouquets as well as birds, such as your swan.

I have worked on demonstration presentations with the type of specialist flower makers who would make the Thorley's products and it is a joy to watch them. They have so many different tools and implements and are very quick and agile with their hands. One lady I met was so skilled that in her 70's, they would not let her retire (she didn't want to either). She had been making flowers from the age of 14 and spent her time going from place to place demonstrating her skills.

The Thorley flowers are quite large, but this lady could make beautiful replicas of flowers only a few millimeters in size - she worked for Coalport, part of the Wedgwood group and many of her flowers went onto the lady figurines.

Thanks for being an antique bone china enthusiast like we are!

Peter (admin)

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I have the same figurine
by: Angela

My mother had this figure since I was a child. Do you have an estimate to wither its age or value?

by: Anonymous

I like Mary have a little low white flower vase on very low stand. One large yellow rose, one large pink rose and on deeper pink (could be carnation)not sure. Green leaves a bottom of flowers.
Mine is as Marys "Thorlez" with all the markings she mentioned.
I would like to know its worth. or approximate value if you have any idea.

Thank you for your help

White Swan - Thorley Bone China Made in England
by: Anonymous

I recently got from my Mom's estate, the White Swan with the pink, red(or dark pink), and yellow roses. The underside says simply, "Thorley Bone China Made in England", it does not have the brand marks that I see in the pictures on your site. Does this fact tell you anything? I would really be interested to know.
Thank you so much!

Swan and Wheelbarrow Qs.
by: Langerbirch

I have the lovely "Swan with Flowers" with the Thorley, Staffordshire English Bone China coat of arms on the bottom.

I also have a little wheelbarrow, slightly smaller, also filled with flowers and handpainted quite beautifully. On the bottom is a black coat of arms with the words Golden Crown, E & R, England, Fine Bone China. A crown appears in the middle, with the number 1886 written at the bottom (I think, but it might be 1836. Tiny black letters below those above say Hand Painted. There are a few other letters, which appear to be handwritten, and were applied before the glaze. MT, and below it B 35, are in the same deep red as the rose in the wheelbarrow. Are these the initials and number of the item from the artist who painted the flowers?

Can you tell me the value of these two items, please, and the best place to sell them?

Thank you,


Peter (admin) says:-

Just a quick note to all those wanting to get an idea of value.

I wrote a page especially to help people ascertain the value of their wares by self-research rather than asking an expert (because asking an expert normally involves a fee).

GO here and it will explain all:-

vintage and antique china values page

vase with flowers
by: irma

I have this flower arrangement that has on the bottom stafforoshire england and it looks loke it also has one china i havent founf anything on the internet that gives me information on this particular item please help. It's a round like a cup vase with flowers on top.

whats it worth
by: mandy

mine is same as anonamous staffordshire

My family history NEW
by: Sam K

Our family business. Long-gone now of course but being from Stoke on Trent I'm proud to have the Thorley pottery business within my family history.

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