Antique Cumbria tea set with various marks cc 1825 two vertical straight lines A/G 25

by Andrea
(Cambridgeshire, UK)

Old Cumbrian fine china tea cup ans saucer  tea set

Old Cumbrian fine china tea cup ans saucer tea set


I have this tea set that I 'think' first belonged to my great grandma who was born in 1869. The family story is that she used to buy a piece to add to the set whenever the man selling it came to the village. (in Cumbria, UK).

Who knows how much of it is true... but it has been in the family a long time. I'd never thought to even look at the marks on it until I got interested in (and buying) Polish blue and white pottery recently and then my interest spread to the things I've owned for years without thinking about.

I've looked online and 'suspect' as the set has various letter marks with a common numerical mark that what I might have is a series of painters marks and a pattern mark.

Beyond that I'm stuck... the information might be out there as to what make of china/porcelain this is and I suspect what it might need is a broader knowledge of china beyond marks to be able to recognise a factory or makers style or quirk... the handles are very pretty in shape.

The set looks like it has splodges of coloured glaze and then is over painted with gold paint (gilt?)to make the pattern which looks like harebells and possibly heather. Where the pattern is densest you can actually feel it in relief.

I have no desire to know what it's worth as it's destined to go to my daughter- I'd just love to know more about it's history and how it ties into my families timeline.

I went through the whole set today and some things have marks but many have nothing... the only items to all have writing on are the saucers.

Here is a list of all the different markings
cc 1825 - then two vertical straight lines
A/G 25 - then two vertical lines and a full stop.
a 1825
a 1825 -and then three vertical lines
a 1825 B
a 1825 c

the jug has a 4 on it
one cup has a c on it
and the tea plates have B, a C, one vertical line, two vertical lines and a mark that looks like a runic sig mark (like a lightning strike)

Hopefully someone out there in forum land will just look at a picture and say 'ah!'


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by: Anonymous

Hi i understand that your gran bought pieces off of a travelling salesman probably door to door Knocker.All that i can add is that it may be an idea to try and find out the Knockers name and where he was from or your library may have archive photos of folk who visited the village selling wares,worth a try,you could spend all of your life trying to nail it down.He may well have been a Romany Traveller who bought items from potterys that he travelled past if your Nan bought itemsfrom this guy on a regular basis when he turned up or when she could afford it then others did or it would not have been worth his time visiting the village.Check out the old folk like me,thats what real history is about.Someone may have the whole S.P. on this trader,his full name,where he hailed from,trade ect..Interesting post..Good Luck

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