Antique Vase with Cryptic G S mark and Crossed Lines

by Debby Smith
(West Haven, CT, USA)

Antique Vase with Cryptic G S mark and Crossed Lines

Antique Vase with Cryptic G S mark and Crossed Lines

Antique Vase with Cryptic G S mark and Crossed Lines:- For years, my stepmother (who is 97 now) has assured me that this vase is very valuable so I am finally getting around to figuring out what it is. The mark is very simple - a G, an S and some crossed lines. I have scrolled through pages of china marks without finding anything that looks even close. The only company with those initials that I have found in Gibson & Sons (aka Gibson, Sudlow & Co.) but the style seems quite different from their typical ware.

Antique Vase with Cryptic G S mark and Crossed Lines:- There are actually a pair of identical vases, as well as a bowl, all in excellent condition. It has become quite compelling for me to track down this mystery so I hope that someone can give me a clue as to their origin.



The forum Help Elf says:-

Not an obvious mark. Looks like German wares and mark rather than English.


This maker is R. Grossbaum & Söhne (Son) (1890 - 1914). Quite often with this mark you will see the covered over whiteware mark which is the factory from which Grossbaum bought the china. There is not much known about this maker as it was a small short lived family concern.

After a search under the heading 'Dreseden' I managed to eventually find this mark listed on the excellent specialist German porcelain marks website

However this website is not easy to search as the marks are not catalogued under type but geographical location, so if you don't know the location, you are stuffed!

In this case, it was fairly clear this maker may well have been a Dresden decorating studio, and luckily, this mark is filed under Germany / Saxony / Dresden. Some of the Dresden pages
are not available top non-subscribers and only 6 out the many hundreds of Dresden studios are listed.

So we were lucky to find this one.

According to Christopher the writer, researcher and owner of the site, this mark was used between 1892 and 1914 and was registered at the Dresden registary office (r#341).

Many thanks to Christopher Marshall for an excellent site - well worth subscribing if you are doing a lot of research on German porcelain.


original reply continued unedited......

Are the vases identical or a pair? There is a vast difference. They look as if they could be a pair of hand painted Dresden quatrefoil vases to my Elven eyes, although I am a mere helper, not an expert. If they were identical they would be transfer prints and not nearly so valuable.

The dish looks like typical Dresden decorator studio transfer ware (only you could tell if it was hand painting or printed - by looking at the flowers with a magnifying glass and looking for brush marks or dots). Obviously if it were hand painting of some quality, it would be worth more than transfer print.

Looks like Dresden studio ware. There were dozens of small studios staffed with skilled ceramic decorators. Whiteware blanks were bought vitreous fired from porcelain makers and decorated either by hand painting or transfer print and then sold in the city of Dresden to visitors and local people. Dresden had become a center for European porcelain due to the nearby factory of Meissen who were the first ever porcelain makers in Europe.

To get an expert to take a look you can do no better than going to Peter's vintage and antique china values page. The experts do charge a small admin fee, but in my humble opinion this is the closest you will get to the Antiques Roadshow online.


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I have a porcelain plate with the same mark
by: Alvin

Hi, have you figured out what the maker is? I have a plate with the same mark as yours. I did some research but no clues were found so far. Thanks, Alvin

addition NEW
by: Laura

Your vase is quite stunning. And yes the mark is from Grossbaum and Sons, actually B. Grossbaum, originating in Dresden and Vienna as porcelain decorators. Bernard was my great great grandfather in fact. The family emigrated from Poland to England and the sons, my great grandfather being one of them, took up the business of running the porcelain decorating as well as importing to England, the US etc. I suspect the business disappeared for two reasons: the first world war and the Grossbaum name is obviously German sounding - not a great thing either in the US or England at the time. Indeed most of the family changed the name at that time. And my great grandfather died, quite young ending the importing business to the US.

I have no idea how old the original post is, but would be interested to find out how this played out. The is now April 2018.

pair of pin dishes NEW
by: Anonymous

i have a pair of small trinket or pin dishes each with 2 floral and 2 romantic garden scenes all opposite each other. none of the 8 images are the same although similar 1 pink and gold other yellow and gold. also with a flower encircled in the centre and gilded all over with the same the same g s with crossed lines 1 with a very small chip.

Seeking Grossbaum... NEW
by: Anthony P.

Bernard Grossbaum was also my great grandfather. I have traced the family from Birmingham, then some went on to North London, and others to America.

Grossbaum and Sons
by: Laura S.

For Anthony P. It's now almost 4 years later from your post and I'm just now finding it. We're cousins. Hopefully we can find each other again and talk family and china. I have a number of pieces and more family info. I also have a piece with a decorators signature on it. That's how I got back to this site. I'd love to know which of the Grossbaum sibs was your grandfather. Compare notes on what we know about the family, etc.
Please find me at

Update NEW
by: Anthony P

Thank you Laura - I have sent you a DM.
Kind regards to the Moderator too.
26 Feb 2023

Grossbaum and sons NEW
by: Laura s

Re- searching G/S porcelain and found email thread from an Anthony P. From Feb. 2023. Looks like your email went to spam file and I didn’t see it. If you see this plz send email to, Would love to continue pursuing our family tree.

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