Asian Tea Set (Chinese/Taiwanese) with 'Rabbit' Pottery Mark Stamp

by Ian Jenkins
(Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia)

Asian Tea Set (Chinese/Taiwanese) with 'Rabbit' Pottery Mark Stamp

Asian Tea Set (Chinese/Taiwanese) with 'Rabbit' Pottery Mark Stamp

Asian Tea Set (Chinese/Taiwanese) with 'Rabbit' Pottery Mark Stamp:- This Asian Tea Set appears to be Chinese or Taiwanese to me. It has a distinct 'Rabbit' Stamp made in a Red Color on the external bases. The internal bottom of every tea cup has an embossed figurine of a Chinese Girl in Traditional Headdress. Every piece has an embossed Prawn on the face side which is visually overwhelming and beautiful to the eye.

It is a High Quality Porcelain Ceramic.

It purchased in Timor Indonesia 2011.

I would like to know its:
Background Info
Approximate Value
& If anyone has anything similar?

Any information will be helpful...

Thank you for this wonderful service!


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red rabbit
by: Anonymous

i have a hot chocolate set with the giesha you can see by lifting it to the light they have a grey dragon pattern and the red rabbit that looks like yours i can not find anything but this page for information i would like to know where and how old the set is

Also got this mark!
by: Gilly S

I just bought a beautiful embossed Chinese dragon tea set (5 of each piece - cup, saucer, cake plate - plus the teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug) because I fell in love with it at first sight.

It also has this red bunny mark on the bottom of each piece, so I'm curious as to its origins. I don't believe the set is worth any thing (except to me, I love it!) but I'd like to know where it was made.

Rabbit marking
by: JD

I too have a porcelain tea set and coffee set with this rabbit marking and the lady on the base of the cups. It's decorated with dragons and edged with black.

I inherited it from my gran. It's a bit battered, but well loved and still used on high days and holidays. If anyone has any further info on this tea/coffee set, I'd be really interested.

I bought this set from Singapore in 1964 BEST ANSWER
by: MikeT

I bought a full coffee set with these markings in Singapore around 1964/65. Cannot remember how much I paid for it but given my lowly salary at the time it would not have been that much. During that time there were few Japanese (the war was still very much a memory) but many Chinese traders so Chinese is my guess at the origin.

Mike T

by: Anonymous

how much is it worth i have the same

by: Anonymous

Black and blue chineed prawns

Red rabbit coffee st
by: Anonymous

Mick t
My mum and dad bought a coffee set in Singapore in 1965with red rabbit on and head in bottom of cup

Have similar NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a similar set with this same Rabbit marking. Could anyone shine a light on the items value?

Red rabbit
by: T martin

My mum and dad bought a coffe set in Singapore in 1965 with head in bottom of cups but white with what looks like a gold leave farm scene on side would like to know more and how much it is worth

Chinese, Japanese, Tiawanese?
by: Sharyn

I too have a set like this and we lived in Singapore in the mid 1960's. Despite looking, I still haven't been able to find anything definitive regarding a maker. However ours has Chh China on the plates with the rabbit on the outside and the japanese lady head, inside the cups. White with gold farm type scenes. I believe hand painted as none are the same.

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