Austria with RK above it

by Kelley
(Roanoke, Va)

Austria with RK above it

Austria with RK above it

Austria with RK above it:- I received this china that belonged to my great-grandmother. The china is white with 2 outer gold rings, one thick and one thin line. I am not sure when she was born but I know that her daughter, my grandmother, was born in 1895. An uneducated family guess of the year this china was obtained is around 1915.

There are 81 pieces including 12 dinner plates. I am also curious of the approximate value. I have no family now except my sons and I would like to pass this information on to them.

Your help is greatly appreciated.




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Peter (admin) says about "Austria with RK above it"

Dear Kelly

Interesting submission. The only well known RK mark is that of Richard Klemm of Dresden whom I write about elswhere on this site (use the search function at the top of the home page). It is not his mark.

You have a large collection and I suggest you get it valued properly. I can help you do that as I vet all appraisers and insist my site visitors pay no money until a satisfactory valuation has been made. I do this for the protection of my site visitors.

You can access this service here:-

pottery mark identification and valuation service

Hope this helps

Peter (admin)

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RK Austria marking
by: Anonymous

I too, have the same marking on a set of china left to my husband by his grandmother. Wondering if anyone has identified the marking.


Peter (admin) Says:

Following this latest comment I did some more digging and found there was a maker associated with the initials "RK" Riessner & Kessel (Amphora pottery) and they were based in Turn-Teplitz, Bohemia, Austria (in the early 20th century, Bohemia was part of the fading Austro-Hungarian empire) now the town of Trovany in the Czech Republic.

Originally Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel founded in 1892 their mark from 1892 - 1905 was "RStK" reflecting the three owners' initials. From 1905 - 1910 the mark reflected only two owners names after Eduard Stellmacher left.

"RK" was a factory producing Amphora (art nouveau art pottery), rather than porcelain tablewares and tea services, so I would be interested to see photos of wares accompanying these submissions.

In 1945 the company was nationalized, but of course would no longer have been classified as being in Austria.

Still quite confused....

Peter (admin)

RK Austria
by: Linda

I inherited my dishes from smother and they are beautiful. I have a set for twelve and they include dinner plates, bread and butter plates, salad plates, fruit bowls, soup bowls, cup and saucer, 2 different size platters, several vegetable bowls, 2 covered bowls and gravy boat. There could be other pieces that I don't remember. Thank you for your help.

Austrian Bohemian Amphora R S OR RSK or RK Mark
by: Peter (admin)


Listen up!

Anyone with the R S OR RSK or RK Mark from Austria ought to pay close attention to this next bit.

Shame Kelley didn't send in a photo of the wares because I have no real idea what her collection looks like.

So this is more for people with Art Nouveau looking vases or pitchers with lots of floral enamelling and which have a RS OR RSK or RK made in Austria/Bohemia mark.

Someone just used used my vintage and antique china values expert referral service to check out an ornate pitcher and it turns out to be Bohemian Amphora worth up to $5000 USD (five thousand US Dollars)

Here's what the expert said:-
    A very fine piece this pitcher, of wonderful design and detail. It has the first hints of Art Nouveau in the Japonist pattern but the model is still very much 19th century historicism. So this piece may reach the higher estimates if it is pointed out how significant a piece this is in world history - an important 'transition piece' so to say. It is an earthenware pitcher rather than porcelain, with moulded ornamental spout, neck and handle, the body decorated in polychrome enamels with floral motifs on a dark ground, the details heightened in gold enamel, manufactured by Amphora-Werke Riessner & Stellmacher, Bohemia. Amphora Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessler was founded in 1892, but before that it was this company known as Riessner & Stellmacher. For reference, you can find this mark in 'Keramik-Marken Lexikon' 1880-1940.

So keep a look out!

Peter (admin)

RK Rudolf Kammer
by: Liz

How about RK Rudolf Kammer?
I'm on my way to discover if there was such porcelain. He is also using crown and RK. HM.......

RK Austria
by: Anonymous

The RK Austria mark is Rudolph Kampf and is from between 1912-1918. I have the same set.

rk stamp?
by: Anonymous

i have plates that are marked rk 22k gold usa....who makes these?

RK Austria Dishes
by: Kat

/Users/Home/Documents/Photos/austrian dishes 1.jpg

/Users/Home/Documents/Photos/Austrian dishes mark.jpg

/Users/Home/Documents/Photos/Austrian dishes 2.jpg

I have a soup toureen, 12 berry or dessert bowls, and a covered dish with the RK Austria mark any information about them would be appreciated

I have some pieces with RK Austria
by: Darren

Not sure what to do with these, They were given as a wedding present in 1894 to a great great grand parent. I have a mishmash of 10 pieces, was probably going to thrown them out until i read this thread. Wedding would have probably been in bohemia.

Austria with RK is R. Kampf from Grunlas
by: Robin

Hi Kellie, Hi Anonymous,
I too have a set of porcelain from this manufacturer. It is actually produced by R. Kampf Porzellanfabrik in Grunlas. Since your mark says 'Austria' you can know that your china was produced between 1912, when the factory first opened, to 1918, when the city of Grunlas became part of Czechoslovakia, as the area was annexed from Austria. To the administrator: A wonderful resource for researching these marks is "Marks on German, Bohemian and Austrian Porcelain 1710 to Present" by Robert Rontgen. Hope that helps!

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