Black Art Vase with M3 or MB Initials Signature mark

by Randall Hansen
(Greenville, Texas)

Black Art Vase with M3 or MB Initials Signature mark

Black Art Vase with M3 or MB Initials Signature mark

Mom' house held things from our family which I remember growing up, and there is a 40' shipping container at the back of her property behind the house, holding things that have not seen the light of day for many years, including books, paintings, and pottery from much earlier. Some of the things in the shipping container came from her parents and grandparents.

Mom was a bit of a pack-rat, and has many things of interest.

Some of the things that we have found date back to 1900 and earlier. There was a large cantagalli platter, a 14k gold mesh 1920's flapper purse, a book from 1615, some paintings, a small statue from the 1950s, and a framed needlepoint with date of 1826. There also is a wooden baby cradle that Mom swore was used by folks who came across on the Mayflower.

Unfortunately there are no specific records or notes about most of these things.

The vase in the pictures I sent is about 9.5" tall, 2" wide. We found it at Mom's house after she died. I doubt that it is of great value, but would like to know something about it.

I have googled many different sites showing pottery marks but have not found any that are close.

Best Regards,
Randall Hansen

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A Similar Mark
by: Andrea

Hello. I'm Andrea. I have a lovely small vase (?) that has a very similar mark. This was purchased from an estate sale as part of the entire estate. I then purchased it at a smaller online "yard sale" site. It came from a couple who had passed in their late 90's. The husband was a decorated WWII Veteran and had travelled the world.. He and his wife had amassed a very eclectic assortment of interesting items from around the world. A few pieces of stoneware, or pottery (which led me here), gorgeous French Limoges plates, Aynsley England bone china tea cups and saucers, a hand painted vase from Macau, China, and a few more pretty things from various countries. The couple resided in an affluent neighborhood in Panama City Beach, Florida. They both passed sometime in the recent few years and both well into their 90's. i'm sorry I do not know their names. It seems as though they collected interesting items that represented the countries they travelled together, or the husband picked them up throughout his respectable military service. Some items I have id'd as early 1900's, a lot of 1930's and on into early 1970's from 10 different countries. I love the stories that come with each piece. The piece I have with the M3 marking is a small stoneware vase with elementary straight line drawings in a muddy brown color. I have submitted four photos for comparison of style and markings. I hope a connection can be found or at least the next clue as to where it may have originated.

Kind Regards,

pics of M3 markings
by: Andrea

I cannot seem to send my pics..Ask administrator of this site for my email,address. I will be glad to share some pictures and help uncover this beautiful artist.

I have one
by: Anonymous

I just found a yellow one just like this!
I also would like to know background on it!
Did anyone find out?

nothing yet.. NEW
by: Andrea

anyone from Australia? or study Australian pottery? it's been mentioned it seems to favor an Australian style from the 60's to 70's maybe?

Mike Bush MB NEW
by: Karin

Mike Bush in the UK has a signature like that, but I don’t think he has anything pre 1980s. Good luck on your search!

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