Bone China Query - Renaissance - made in England

by steve

Bone China Query - Renaissance - made in England:- Hi,please can you help me. I am trying to find out about 2 figures i have purchased. They are made by Renaissance fine bone china made in England.

with regards

Steve Jones.

Reply by Peter (admin)

to Bone China Query - Renaissance - made in England

Hi Steve

"Renaissance fine bone china" is not a well known traditional UK maker, so is likely a made up name for marketing purposes.

It might just be a brand name of off-the-page direct mail retailers Franklyn Mint. Ring them to verify.

Hope this helps.
Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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re your enquiry about renaissance pottery
by: Anonymous

the factory was in fenton near longton in stoke on trent they made one off products for people who could afford them .like knight,s on horse back jousting one of which i saw,it would be for sale in the thousand,s it was made perfect down to the last detail.they also made the petite lady collection i have one named vanessa she is signed R W Zaton.1976 i don,t know what she is worth the factory was only in business for a short while hope this helps .

Renaissance Figures
by: Steve Jones

Thanks for the information, I have been collecting Royal Doulton,Coalport, Royal Worcester and Wedgwood figurines for many years but have only reacently come across these Renaissance figures of which I now have purchased six in total as the quality is on par with the above. I have also just started a collection of Francesca Bone China Figurines and I am trying to find out more information with regards to these.

Regards Steve

Renaissance figurines
by: Anonymous

Hi Steve

I have 2 figurines which were presents give to me in the 1980s. One is called Polly and the other is Sally Ann- if you would be interested in buying them and you like to see photos please send me your email address.

Kind regards


Kathy figurine renainsonce
by: Gloria

i have a figurine written on the bottom is Kathy also Frank Sark?? I also inherited some doulton figurines but Kathy seems to be the oldest can you help .

bone china very old
by: Barbaranonymous

Can't.fine a price or pictures of bone china from Lngland. maybe 110 years old ..I would like to fine old book or know where to look

Renaissance Pottery
by: Jennie

Hi Steve
We too were given a figure back in 1982. This is called "Jane" and has the initials MS 82. We were told at the time that it was rare as only 12 were made but we didn't take much notice at the time but I do know that the factory does not exist any more

Rare piece of pottery
by: Elaine gooldAnonymous

I have the skater by Renaissance if anyone would like to purchase it very rare piece I would be open to offers . I live in Stoke on trent

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