Brazos Santiago, TX saucer fragment.

by Daniel Schmidt
(Harlimgen, Texas)

Brazos Santiago, TX saucer fragment.

Brazos Santiago, TX saucer fragment.

Brazos Santiago, TX saucer fragment.:- This fragment was found last week at the civil war era site of Brazos Santiago in south Texas. This site is within several miles of the last battle of the civil war. The area is only accessable by 4x4 truck. To find this fragment my wife and I drove 30 miles to Brownsville Texas and the 20 miles east to the Gulf of Mexico. Then we had to drive 8 miles north on the sand.

When we reached the jetties at Brazos Santiago pass. from there we went 2 miles west. This is the area where the city of Brazos Santiago was located.

The pottery mark has what appears to be an American Indian working on a pot. Under the image is the word CHINA and under that is PA.. I assume that PA is Pennsylvania.

This area has more history than the civil war era. General Zachary Taylor also in this area during the Mexican American war in the 1840s.

30 miles north of this site three Spanish galleons were wrecked with many thousands of pounds of silver coins lost on padre island.

This fragment could have come from many different ears and I have been unable to find this pottery mark on any websites.

If anyone can help identify this fragment I would help in my research of this area.

Daniel Schmidt


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by: Donna Simek

Hi Daniel. Would you please post a pix of the front of the plate. And, a different angle shot of the back. I really can't make it out. It looks like he's painting (?) a vase? What is the vase on, a table?


Saucer fragment from Texas
by: Anonymous

I believe that's one of the Shenango China marks.

Shenango China
by: Peter (admin)

We had not had any posts on this company before so this post is very welcome. Surprisingly, I had not heard of them before (I am from the UK), even though I have been collecting information on china makers on this site since 2006.

When I started to research them I realised they were an important American china company.

Shenango China traded from about 1909 to c.1989 based in Newcastle Pennsylvania. Over the years they bought out many smaller firms around them.

Their backstamp was famous for depicting Native Americans




They manufactured the brand American Haviland for Theodore Haviland, one of the various Haviland firms. They also made for other labelled brands.

The made for various White House administrations, railroads and restaurant ware. They were a top firm.

Just like many of the once great china firms of the USA and UK, they went out of business due to massive downturns of demand for china due to changes in fashions and habit, but also because they couldn't compete with the prices of imported china.

Thanks for sending us in your mystery shard!

Peter (admin)

by: Randy Chenowth

Shenango China , New Castle PA , POST 1921 , Not civil war era pottery

My favorite plates age / history unkown NEW
by: Anonymous

Want to send photo of us army medical department decal

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