Ceramic Bird with Hat Decanter Figurine with "L S"? mark and number 9864

by Valerie Frances
(Severn, MD)

Ceramic Bird with Hat Decanter Figurine with

Ceramic Bird with Hat Decanter Figurine with "L S"? mark and number 9864

Context: We found this bird decanter/figurine in the dirt under a historic farm house that was being moved in Odenton, MD. The house was the house for the Odenton Train Station station master and his family. It was lived in by elder family members until 2001 and was in a state of disrepair at the time of moving the house. It is an important local historic resource but not of any national significance.

The back of the house was built in 1874 and the front was added in 1900. It was found in the dirt with a number of other objects - many glass bottles, some with their corks with pharmaceutical mercury still inside. A few tobacco tins and other items - baby blocks.

Description: This bird is either a decanter or perhaps a medicine bottle or unusual flask. It stands 7.5 inches tall. I searched on-line images of real birds - this appears to be in the stork category but I could not find a definitive match of what the bird is. Red faced, long yellow bill, long yellow legs, white neck feathers, and black feathers covering the body. He is wearing a short top hat with a decaying cork in the top.

He is standing on green ground and a plant that is painted green. It appears to be glazed ceramic as the paint is mottled, not crisp coloring. He strikes me as dapper and a bit stern in his expression.

Marks on the bottom: The serial number appears clearest and I am pretty certain it is 9864. The second set of marks could be the letters "L S" or "l g" or the numbers "1 3" or "1 8".

I am just curious what it is - what bird, who made, when? I have included 4 photos - one showing his left side, one from the top showing the hat with the cork, the bottom showing the marks, and one showing his right side.

Thanks for any insight that anyone can provide.



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Ceramic Bird Decanter
by: Valerie Frances

I did more stork research and would bet money it is a Marabou stork ... they are massive and this is probably why they can carry babies :-)


by: Alex Saylor

Love your stork... I collect storks and was wondering if you were keeping him or selling him? You can email me at chooseloveandlaughter@gmail.com

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