Character mug with a gold N inside a gold circle

by Mario Z. Montez
(Pasadena, Texas U.S.)

Character mug with a gold N inside a gold circle

Character mug with a gold N inside a gold circle

Character mug with a gold N inside a gold circle (or is it an N inside a C?):- Picked them up at an estate sale, they looked old and unusual. They were 4 in the set of descending sizes, would this be a Capodomonte stamp?



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Character mug with a gold N inside a gold circle (or is it an N inside a C?)

Hi Mario

Hope you're feeling super.

Not Capodimonte. Never seen this mark before and not listed in any of my mark directories.

Is it a Japanese form who were trying to do the N within a C pottery mark of Japan, but got it slightly wrong in that they nearly joined the C up into a circle.

If it is this we have the answer - just use the in-house search engine on the top right of this page to search for the pages covering this type of marking.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-

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i found the same mark.
by: Ericka Pearce

I have a dragon teapot with the same mark on the bottom and it has been in m my family at least 50 years. I would love to know more about it too!

N in circle
by: Sue

I just bought a Scottie planter with this same marking.....would like to know, too! Owner of the antique shop where I bought it said she had seen the mark before but doesn't know where it's from.

Gold N inside of a circle
by: Harrison

If you marking is the same as the The N inside a circle I have, it is by L'Amour China. Hope that is helpful.

gold N inside a gold circle
by: MWS

I have the exact same pottery piece...did you confirm it was L'Amour?

Probably Not
by: Anonymous

A search doesn't show any evidence of this. I also have a headvase and a cherub vase with an "N" in a circle. They are not gold.
I cannot find anyone to answer what these pieces are.
I am sure they are not high value pieces, but I would like to know to whom the maker's mark belongs.
Any other answers or suggestions would be appreciated.

N within Circle Pottery Mark - L'amour or not?
by: Peter (admin)

I agree with the last post, in that I have searched a lot and can't find any connection between this N mark and L'amour, so if Harrison could explain more, that would be great.

However, I did see one listing on some classified ads on (with no photos) which had a L'amour vase right above an un-named vase with our 'N' circle mark on it. At first glance it looked like these were one and the same item and easy to get the wrong impression that the N mark was associated with L'amour. Perhaps it was this listing that Harrison saw?

This N within a circle mark seems very rare, but L'amour seems to be a very common range from a Japanese factory, and is associated by some sellers as being a brand of Lefton. L'amour uses a very distinctive circular crown mark device in pastel colours (typical post-war Japanese), often with an accompanying red oval sticker saying "An Enterprise Exclusive Toronto Canada".

Verdict still out on this one.

Peter (admin)

n with a circle
by: Sue

I have what I think is the same mark, but my mark is in green. It is on a salt and pepper wich are two cows joined. Tip one way for salt, the other way for pepper. Very pale pinks, whites and blue colored cows. Extremely dainty piece. Have looked everywhere for 4 years now for the mark and or the shaker with 0 results. Your gold mark is the closest I've seen except in colour.

Figurines with "N" inside circle embossed on the bottom
by: queenoffundy

I am researching the same marked only the mark I have is embossed on the bottom of some figurines but there is no question it is the same mark. These pieces look to be made in the 50's or 60's and feature cherubs in a gondola type basket with ornate flowering on the gondola basket. If I had to guess they are Japanese imports of some kind.

This mark has a common subject
by: Jovie

I am researching this mark which is on a pair of cherubs. I couldn't help but notice so many others that have this mark say it is also on some sort of a cherub figurine.
I don't know if it means anything, it was just an observation.

Lenwile Ardalt mark
by: Anonymous

It may be Ardalt Lenwile japan. They used a mark that was a N with a C around it but often it looked like a circle. This was used late 1940's and the 1950's and 1960's.

Teapot with same N in C mark
by: Deanna McHugh

I have a teapot with the same mark and would also like to know more. Also stamped on the teapot are "ELEPHANT BOY" and "JAPAN". The teapot is dark brown-black with some red and gold decoration. The pot itself is an elephant with its trunk as the spout and its tail as the handle. The lid is a young boy sitting cross-legged.

N in circle Japan Import
by: Mike B

N in circle
by: Sue

I just bought a Scottie planter with this same marking.....would like to know, too! Owner of the antique shop where I bought it said she had seen the mark before but doesn't know where it's from.

It is a mid century Japan import. I have an Antique shop in Ohio and I have one of these Scottie planters. Mine still has the "Lefteris Exclusives Japan" sticker still on it.

by: WB CT

I have a two sided piggy bank with this very same marking .... I hope we are all sitting on something rare ...I have had a number of people look at this and they had no luck in finding the maker as well

gold N inside a gold circle
by: Jan

I have a pig or cat?? wall pocket w salt and pepper piglets hanging on a wire at the neck. The pocket has a coiled wire handle. It is black w big blue eyes, red bow tie and big pink cheeks. It has the mark and also two silver stickers reading THAMES, hand painted, made in Japan.

by: Anonymous

I have a set of cats with a N inside a circle. I have always been told that they were my grandmothers from the 40's possibly early 50's.

It's German
by: Kim

I have a violin sculpture from my great grandmother. She brought it over from Germany. That's all I know.

N inside circle...the saga continues NEW
by: Anonymous

I’m going to throw you all for a loop —- my mark appears on gold-rimmed crystal wine goblets! I am shocked this is difficult to track down.

makers marked NEW
by: Anonymous

Camille Naudot Figurine

N mark NEW
by: Anonymous

Have a set of bud vases myself and I believe them to be Camille Naudot. Probably spelled this incorrectly as it is French. Hope this helps.

Lenwine Ardalt porcelain figurine #6159 NEW
by: Sherry

This piece also has the same mark.
Its a lady taking tea and her poodle.
I can't find another one online to check what collection its from or the value. If anyone is familiar with Lenwine Ardalt china please let me know. Thank you.

Donkey with N inside C NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a small planter with a floral pattern and the N inside a C stamped on the bottom.

One piece salt & pepper cows w/ 'N' in circle trademark
by: PhilipCarol1

I have porcelain salt & pepper cows that are one piece. They are glazed in a pale pink w/ blue highlights & trademark. The trademark is an 'N' inside a circle. It belonged to Mother-in-law who collected. They have to date back to 1940's or 1950's or earlier. Her older bro. & husb. both spent time in Japan during war times & either sent or brought many things back to US. The style & artwork (hand painting) I'm sure are Japanese. Did Nippon ever use this trademark?

One piece salt & pepper cows w/ 'N' in circle trademark + number NEW
by: PhilipCarol1

In reference to my above post, I should have included the number (also in blue) following the 'N' trademark. It is: B468

Bee Teapot, creamer & Sugar NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the teapot, creamer and sugar! I'm looking for the mfg. name and age.

norcrest NEW
by: Anonymous

Looks like the Norcrest mark to me

N in a circle
by: Prytani

I have a baby figurine with marking N in a circle .. underneath that are the initials KW1809

This is a generic maker's mark!
by: Anonymous

This is not a Camille Naudot, Noritake, or anything else. It's a generic mark used by many makers of Japanese pottery in the mid century era. It was put on a variety of pottery and possibly glass pieces. I have a ceramic donkey pulling a cart with the same mark, and have done extensive research. It is not related to any specific maker. But, it is related to Japan, and Japan alone, and it's mid century. Those two things you can be sure on. Hope this helps!

N inside circle on porcelain NEW
by: Anonymous

Y’all I believe this is Noritake

Pink with white ornate decor NEW
by: Annie

I have a set with 2 vases, 1 bowl or planter. They have the N inside a circle, plus AA next to it, with a number underneath. 1 vase has a girl with a dove, 1 has a cupid, and the bowl has a boy and girl kissing. I couldn't find anything out about the marking.

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