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by Peter (admin)



Hi All

I was recently reading a blog here:-

...and read about a clay called CLAYCRAFT by DECO. It sounded fascinating (apparently it uses Japanese technology) and have been trying to find out more.

Dear visitors, have you used it? Apparently it is not oven hardening but purely air drying polymer clay? How does it differ from Sangeeta's CP recipe, for instance?

I found their website and contacted them, and have found out a bit more, but not answers to all my questions just yet.

Here's what I know so far (I'm still working on it). Hopefully, this thread will blossom into a mine of information on CLAYCRAFT by DECO. Please go to the comments section below to contribute (CLAYCRAFT by DECO instructors particularly welcome).

They have been going for 30 years, the Craft Academy originated in Japan 30 years ago and brought to Hawaii 10 years ago. They sell a set of fine tools and molds as well as the clay.

They run classes (an academy with franchised instructor branches over Japan, Hawaii and the US - not sure where else) and also sell their own range of books as well as undertaking large floral display commissions for weddings and the likes US department store Macy's.


They appear to be run and owned by a lady called Yukiko and her mother (both artists) who seem to spend a lot of time in Japan. They have help from a person called Tim Janes who I contacted and has been very helpful.

Their CLAYCRAFT by DECO product line seem to be distributed by a company called The
Madden Corporation of Ko'aki Street, Waipahu, Hawaii. All their products seem to be branded, like the clay, as their own product.

CLAYCRAFT by DECOThe artistry seems to come in the form of making realistic flowers and Yukiko's mother also does figures of people and 'animal' people (dressed in real dolls clothes?) which I personally found captivating and very cool (see pic opposite).

There is still lots I don't know about them, but am trying to find out.

I don't know where you can buy their CLAYCRAFT by DECO product line - whether they are available in craft shops in the US or UK as well as their domestic market of Hawaii and their various academy instructor franchises.

I also don't know if their 'own brand' clay and tools are of their own making, or they buy them in from larger concerns in Japan.

Here are some photos from their blog and website which show the type of figurine artwork I found very inspiring.

Claycraft by dECO

Please contribute to this new thread and let's find out more about this interesting innovative product which seems to be owned and run by inspired artists right at its core (and I am all for that!).

Peter (admin)


Since time of writing, I have found a great article on CLAYCRAFT by DECO and this explains a great deal about them and their philosophy and evolution. Also Tim has kindly given permission to use the photos above and also filled in some of the gaps in my understanding.

What we need is some input from you artists out there now, please. Any questions, please just ask away!

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Few words about Deco ClayCraft
by: Maria (oiolin)

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the article about Deco, I found out few new facts about them :) Thanks for the link to my blog too!

The ordering from their website is very simple to do and delivery is prompt and reliable.

There are few places you can buy claycraft by Deco (online)and I doubt you'd find it off-line (at least I couldn't find it in Australia :))

The clay is completely air-drying in about 48 hours. After dried it may be re-soften by covering in wet fabric. You can re-use those items you find ugly after all :D

They sell very useful books on the website. I have one - it gives step-by-step recommendations of flower making with amazing photos of each step.

You can also fine few video-classes on the Internet given by Deco instructors. The classes are few, but those 1 or 2 I got gave me the main idea of how to work with this clay.

Thank you again!


Deco Clay Craft Information
by: Peter (admin)

Thanks for that Maria! Great info there. Looking forward to hearing more.

Tim from Deco in Hawaii said he would try to find time to answer some queries. That would be great.


luna clay
by: Anonymous

Hi can anyone tell me the recipe or ingrediens used for making luna or japanese clay..

I used Deco Clay on a painting.
by: Gail

I did a painting 2 years ago, The Crucifixion Of Innocence. Rather than painting a head on, I wanted to attach a mask of a woman's face. I constructed a form of the face out of the old fashion metal type of window screening and made a life size sculpture of the face of a woman and attached that to the canvas.

It took a lot of work, never having done this type of thing before, but I was pleased with the outcome. It does take longer than the 48 hours to dry when there is any humidity in the air. And I did encounter some problems with pitting, but the application of some water and small pellets of product did solve that problem. It is very soft when dry, not like cold porcelain, so until it is coated, the piece does scratch easily. Because it is lightweight, there was no pulling or stretching of the canvas. I was living in the US at the time I did the painting.

As a cake decorator now living in a very humid climate in Central American rain forest, I prefer to use cold porcelain when the rains come. It is stronger, and due to the food safety issue, I trust it more because I know what goes into it. I also feel it is more durable if someone were to handle it.

deco clay
by: Anonymous

is there any classes in london for deco clay.

by: Anonymous

I find the clay priced on the higher side. Not sure why an earth material would be so costly?

Also if you wish to make a larger flower piece , the basic amount of clay that they give just 2.4 oz is not sufficient. I just feel this should be priced appropriately to encourage people who wish to learn and try the art.

The clay is not easily available in stores which is really strange. You are always directed to the website to buy the clay. However there are many studios that run from singapore and other countries where they use the same clay, I am not sure how they get this clay in such abundance there. Does Deco studio sell the clay for less to them in return of some commission??

Classes in London
by: Marianna

Hi! My name is Marianna and I am a certified Deco instructor in London. All Deco Academy members get 10% discount on material and tools. If interested, please email me:

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