by Happening Girl

My husband calls her the

My husband calls her the "Happening Girl".

Cold Porcelain Visitor Submission: I started out with sugar paste but found that it wasn't the medium I wanted to model with. When I first started making figures with cold porcelain, it was a challenge. There were no instructional manuals in English available. I found some online and did translations (through translation websites) but they were still incomplete {editors comment: presumably this information was from one of the South American sites - home to the modern Porcelana Fria movement}. Through trial and error and a lot of heads later, I finally managed to produce a few figures. Here is my third attempt.


Reply from Peter (admin)

You left no name, so we are calling YOU the Happening Girl! Wow! Love the piece. Shows great flare and potential mastery of cold porcelain or porcelana fria whichever you want to call it. How did the info in this site (especially the recipe by Sangeeta) compare with your experiments and trials?

Your success with the head may be of great interest to Florence who was asking Sangeeta about sculpting faces.

Thanks for sharing this great sculpt with attitude with us!

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Peter (admin)

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