Cold Porcelain Sculpting Blending Problem

by Sherri

Cold Porcelain Sculpting Blending Problem:- Hi Peter, What beautiful artwork! I am completely new to sculpture. I have made up a recipe from your excellent website, thank you for providing it! My questions may seem silly, but as I mentioned, I've never sculpted before:-

I'm making a head and I'm wondering how to make the lines blend where I have added more clay. I've looked all over online and there are plenty of sites for beginners with other clays but I haven't been able to find a "cold porcelain sculpting for dummies" which is exactly what I need!

I'm very artistic in many other ways and really love the possibilities of working with cold porcelain. So any tips, hints, tricks about the basics would be greatly appreciated.

Well I made my head, partially, and left it to dry. My biggest question is whether you can use water or something to blend in say around the eyes, or mouth or to smooth the surface. Part of my head has come out very nicely but one side is cracked. I think it's because I kneaded the dough for the majority of the face but the part I pieced in was not and so it cracked when it dried.

I also used a small amount of mineral oil to blend but I'm finding the cold porcelain is a stretchy type of medium not really like clay.

Thanks for any and all help, it is much appreciated!



Reply from Sangeeta Shah (guest expert)

to 'Cold Porcelain Sculpting Blending Problem':-

(Sangeeta is from - World of cold porcelain & Gum Paste flowers! and is a Certified Wilton Method Instructor)

see also:-

Hi Sherri

Thanks for your query. Its always good to answer your individual queries because if you are wanting to overcome a particular obstacle, other visitors are as well!

I have not done too much sculpting as such. but I do know the medium very well, so I think I can help you through this problem.

In order too 'join' and 'blend' paste for sculpting needs, I would use a plastic wool needle or a metal wool needle found at craft stores. If you can't find that, a round tooth pick would even do the work!

Even if the sculpted head seems to be dry and extra Cold Porcelain paste is added it can be blended. Cold Porcelain is so versatile medium to work
with it is amazing with its properties it has.

For example, it can be sanded, drilled, and dusted with chalk pastels, painted with oils, acrylic. It can be tinted with color gels, powder dyes, powder food colors, fabric paints, Perlex powders and much more.

The only care which has to be taken is to keep it away from moisture as it is water based paste. However, remember, it can be varnished to make is water resistant.

Hope this information helps. Good luck with cold porcelain sculpting.

Best regards



follow up query by Sherri

Dear Sangeeta,

Thank you very much for the wonderful advice. I've left my head to dry for two days now. I'm going to put a very thin layer of cold porcelain over it after i fill in the cracks on the one side. I have knitting needles so I'll work on blending. I suppose I'm just a little impatient! I'll just have to take my time to accomplish what I want. Also, my mixture is sticky somewhat and I've added more cornstarch but I'm afraid if I add too much it will ruin the clay. Should the clay have any stickiness to it? It sticks to my fingers when I knead it and it's rather messy. What happens if you add too much cornstarch? Can you then bring back some moisture by adding more mineral oil? I apologize for being a bother!

Most sincerely,

PS. your work is lovely!


Reply by Sangeeta

The mixture is sticky because it was under cooked. You could add more cornstarch but even if you put it in the microwave for short bursts of time you should have got the right consistency. The clay should not be sticky at all. It should not stick to your fingers when you knead it at all. What happens if you add too much cornstarch? Nothing could go wrong at all, you could do that to get the clay right of course.Can you then bring back some moisture by adding more mineral oil? If you like to add in more moisture you should add water not oil. I apologize for being a bother! NOT ATT ALL, MY PLEASURE. I PLAN TO TAKE A VIDEO OF MAKING THE COLD PORCELAIN PASTE WHICH I WILL SOON SHARE WITH EVERY ONE.

Good luck

Sangeeta Shah

World of cold porcelain & Gum Paste flowers !

Certified Wilton Method Instructor

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cold porcelain has gone too hard
by: penny

Hi I have recently made some cold porcelain in the microwave but have found that it has gone a little bit rubbery is there any thing I can do to make it softer?

consistency is perfect but it still crack
by: yulene

hi, i have been making lots of cold porcelain but it always fail during the drying process. i have really beautiful smooth consistency on my cold porcelain but when it started to dry 4 hours later, the whole thing turn into cracks. pls help, i don want to waste anymore pva glue because it is quite expensive in my country....

by: ambika tiwari

helloo sangeeta,

my question is i want to make flowers which are on card board, like 3d, waterprof and unbreakeble so for that which type of colour should i use and can i use resin on cold procelein to make it unbreable if yes then should i use it before colouring or after? please help me out

Help - Cold Porcelain in Water
by: Rachid

I have recently started working with cold porcelain.
I am trying to create Christmas snow-globes for friends as gifts.
My plan is to glue little miniature sculptures to the inside of metal covers - then screw them onto water & baby oil filled jars with glitter in them.
Once tipped upside-down, well, you know what happens... magic.
Will the little CP artifacts I created and placed into the water-filled jars soften?
Will they last?
And what should I do to make them water resistant and thus last in my cute home-made snow-globes?
Thank you for your help and advice.

by: Joy

My first batch was really sticky. So I used the microw. cooked a little more. Now it's great. When you cook the porcelain at the end of the cook, the clay doesn't stick to the pan, or your stirring utensil. it will come together like a rough ball. Now's the time to take it out to cool. Hope this helps.

using the CP in snow globes NEW
by: Anonymous

Sorry you cant use it in them it will melt over time as this is a water based clay

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