Collectible Figurines Query - Sunrise or Sunrays with GH or HC or HG and DER below

by Marc Tielemans
(Swindon, England)

Collectible Figurines Query - Sunrise or Sunrays with GH or HC or HG and DER below

Collectible Figurines Query - Sunrise or Sunrays with GH or HC or HG and DER below

Collectible Figurines Query - Sunrise or Sunrays with GH or HC or HG and DER below:- Hi, I wonder if you could help identify this mark ? This is a ceramic bird with egg shell below, about 12cm in height in total. The mark has a sunrise with the initials H over C or G below and the words TRADE MARK, and DER below that in a diamond shape. Two photos enclosed (edited into one .jpg image)

Many thanks,

Marc Tielemans


Reply by Peter (admin)

To Collectible Figurines Query - Sunrise or Sunrays with GH or HC or HG and DER below

Hi Marc

This query about GH or CH or HC or HG and DER below is a gem! It is just the sort of query we like to sort out and come up trumps for the visitor.

Marc, DO NOT sell the bird fig without getting an expert appraisal. When I first saw it my first reaction was 'QUALITY' - just to look at it. I had no idea who made it though, there were just tell tale signs of high skills (a thin egg like this is difficult in porcelain etc).

However, it was very hard to find info on this mark (nothing in my books), but when I did some more digging, WOW!

This firm is GH - Gebruder Heubach (translated as the Heubach Brothers), a firm working in Lichten, Germany, from 1840 to 1925 making dolls and collectible figurines. They are a real quality maker - very collectible and rare. Figurines go for hundreds of dollars, the dolls go for thousands.

To find the value of similar collectible figurines save some searches on ebay. If unsure how to do this, go to my China Replacement page to find out.

Some Information about Gebruder Heubach

Gebruder Heubach (translated as the Heubach Brothers), was a firm working in Lichten, Germany, from 1840 to 1925.

They are best known for bisque dolls and doll heads as well as a small number of collectible figurines – some in bisque (dating mainly from the 1880’s) and also glazed (dating mainly from the 1900’s).

In my view their figurine art is of the highest quality – both in terms of make and sculpting. They are also rare. The combination of these two things make prices top end.

They are known also for a range of collectible figures called “Piano Babies”. Used in Victorian parlors to hold shawls on top of pianos, Piano Babies became very popular and today an original Heubach piano baby can fetch up to $1500.00.

Gebruder Heubach is not to be confused with Ernst Heubach of Koppelsdorf, Germany, who also made porcelain items and dolls.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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Heubach boy & Girl w/porcelain egg shells on backs
by: K

Hi! can't find any figurines like mine. I have approx 5" h, boy & girl Heubach porcelain Piano Babies, w/porcelain egg shells on their backs. They are stamped with Heubach sunburst and DEP also with the # 21.
Anyone heard of the figurines with egg shells on their backs? Much like the pic of the egg and tree on the front of this site.
Many thanks!!

Seeking expertise?
by: Liz

I have acquired a figurine, made in Germany, that stands 14-16" tall of a blonde young man, dressed in pink playing a stringed instrument. The markings are HC - Sunrise or Sunrays and also features the number 13 as a separate marking.

Just wondering if this piece is worthy of an appraisal?

Thank you!

Finding information
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm trying to find out about my figureen it has the sunrise marking of G H and also DEP and also 3900 number my figure is of a gentleman sat on log tree and he looks as if he's carving a branch of the tree it's real quality the gentleman stands 12 inches wearing apron and also a hat if any one can help with info please let me know

Boy playing mandolin hc marked
by: Moira

Hi I have a figurine approx 14inch high a boy playing mandolin markings sunrise and bc underneath do you know anything of this item please.

Piano Baby Marked 22
by: DKC

I have recently purchased a piano baby with the marking "22", I've been searching and can't find any information on this.

Thank you!

by: Jackie

Thank you for your helpful comments. I have a small figurine of a young boy standing on tiptoe peering into an empty eggshell. Have wondered for a long time who the maker is. The mark is a sunrise with a diamond below with DEP. Any further information would be welcome.

Rare Heubach set
by: Bonnie

I have 2 10" tall figs. A boy w pacifier and rabbit, and a girl w a bottle and rabbit. They are both seated under a tree or bower. They each have the Heubach mark along w 10830. They've been in my family as long as I can remember, and I'd like to learn more about them.

G&H boy playing euphonium
by: patrick

this is a fascinating list. my mom passed me a 6" or so figurine of a young boy playing a euphonium. the bottom mark is G&H superimposed with i think a 60 inside it also. also a small Germany on bottom.

this is very precious to me, as a boy i played euphonium in band and my mom kept this and told my sister this was "me". thanks for any info you can share about this figurine.

Blue boy NEW
by: Anonymous

Blue boy playing a mandolin with a sunrise and GH on the bottom of the statue. What is it’s value ?

Antique Catholic Wood glazed figurine?
by: Tara

Would they also be the makers of old catholic madonna wood painted glazed figurines? I have one with the letters HC marked on it and I cant find any information

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