Collectible Figurines - Rosenthal Reclining Pierrot

by colin

Collectible Figurines -  Rosenthal Reclining Pierrot

Collectible Figurines - Rosenthal Reclining Pierrot

Collectible Figurines - Rosenthal Reclining Pierrots:- Hello, I wondered if you could have the answer to my question concerning the above. I have two of the pierrots (had them for a good many years now) and wondered if you could date them as to which is earlier. One has bobbles on the shoe and the other has footwear similar to a clogg with a definite turned up end.

Also, do you know where I could obtain an approximate value.

Many thanks

Regards Colin

Reply by Tonyy (admin research)

to Collectible Figurines - Rosenthal Reclining Pierrot

Dear Colin,

What a beautiful collectible figurine your pierrot is.

It oozes quality not just in the modelling but also manufacture. The crispness of detail is outstanding and so is the painting. My first thoughts were that it was Art Deco. The mark shows it to have been made between 1920 and 1927.

The words 'SELB-BAVARIA' seems to have started in 1910 but the format of the large crown was introduced in 1920. From 1927, various dots and dashes were added in subtle ways to distinguish the dates. After 1933 the words changed to 'SELB-GERMANY'

To obtain a valuation, the best thing to do would be to show it to an auction house or try Peter's China Replacements page - which gives instructions on how to search on ebay and china replacement sites for similar items.

Best regards


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