Delft pottery mark query- E 4 8?

by Elizabeth
(San Diego, CA. USA)

Brush Stroke ID - Delft pottery mark query- E 4 8?

Brush Stroke ID - Delft pottery mark query- E 4 8?

Delft pottery mark query- E 4 8?:- This large bowl has been in my family since 1915 or so. It's been handed down a few times and I hope to pass it on to my own children.

I don't know much about the markings and am hoping someone may be able to give an approximate date and location that the piece was produced.

There appears to be a brush stroke on the bottom with what looks like :

E 4 8

Diameter is 11 3/16"

Height is 3 1/4 "

Thanks for any help!



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Marks on Delft jar
by: Liz R

Hi Liz
Did you manage to find out anything about your Delft pottery? I have a jar with the same 2 marks and the Delft script but it has 1915 at the top and 675 and BB at the bottom. There is also a capital A stamped in the base.

Any information gratefully received.
Liz R

Delft piece from 1890 or later
by: Anonymous

On site, this marking shows to be from about 1890. Search for The Porcelin Bottle, which is the name of the mark that Delft used at that time.

We just began the same research for a small jar we found at a thrift store for $7.50 USD. Your marks that you published in the forum helped us identify ours as being Delft.

Thank you!

Porceleyne fles at Delft
by: Claudia

This is the mark of Porceleyne fles at Delft, in the Netherlands, this factory still exists.


With regards

Claudia from Brocantaria

by: Anonymous

Dear Elithabeth
We have the same problem as you have with f.hals pottery plate. The mark on the back of the plate shows. 44 E and there is written with the capital letters Delft . The plates name is Der lauhende kavalier . 44cm and this plate is in our family approximetely from the bigginingmofvthe 20th century. . The plate has a signature from the front side of F.Hals. Please help us to solve this problem and if you have any information please contact us eko2eko2@

Delft year codes
by: Anonymous

Go to Delft uses a lettering code to identify the year the piece was made. They asked not to post HTML here, so you will need to add www to the link info above. The letters CB to the right of the Delft mark indicate this piece was made in 1957. The letters to the left are the initials of the painter. The number at the bottom is probably the pattern number, but I haven't confirmed that. I was researching a piece I have and found this info and thought I would share it.

Help NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a jug shaped bud vase with the markins 631 and gzD or it might be 92D its hard to make out but any info would be gratefully received thanks

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