Delft "trinket box" with Fish Mark

by David
(Montreal, Canada)



Delft "trinket box" with Fish Mark:- I really know nothing about pottery marks, and have tried researching this at the library and on the internet without success.

I guess you would call this a "trinket box" ??
The mark looks like a fish with the letter "H" inside it.

Would anyone know the approximate age of this piece ? and/or value ??




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Delft Trinket Box
by: Blake

Dear David, I had hoped to give you a more complete answer than this; I had a page showing Delft marks by company bookmarked but the page is no longer in operation.
What you have is a genuine Delft piece, a trinket box, made in Holland in the 20th century. Current & reproduction Delft is usually marked "Delfts". A piece marked "Delfts" means it was made in the last 30 to 40 years and not always are they made in Holland.
The best advice I can give you for gaining insight into the age and value of your box is to go to eBay and eBay.UK and run searches for Delft Trinket Box auctions. Hopefully you will find an exact match for your box with the maker's name in the title or description. At the least you will find boxes similar to yours and should get a good idea of their collectibility and value from the auction results.

I wish I could have been of more help.

Yours, Blake

Delft Trinket Box
by: David

Thanks for the comments Blake.
I'll keep checking Ebay as you suggest.

Regards, David

Delft "trinket box" with Fish Mark
by: Anonymous

I, too spent months searching this mark. I believe it is Flora Holland. It is one of at least 5 crown marks of Delft pottery. 'Delft' has become synonymous with blue and white pottery, in Holland. Delftware was made in most countries, although, some will correct me. eBay has 20,000 in the listing, most do not know this mark. It is considered vintage. Yours does not have the cross above the crown, so can't be sure. Plateelbakkerij Flora (Gouda, Hardenberg, New Buinen), 1945 -1996. Here's the link-
As for the fish, it might be the artist. Value is relative to what it will sell for. The artist may help bump up the value if he/she is well known.

Delft "trinket box" with Fish Mark
by: David

Thanks for that update from "anonymous".
I have since found another piece by the same artist. It is a small hexagonal trinket box with exactly the same markings, plus it has the initials "HLB" (and the crown does have a cross on it.)

Heinen Delftware
by: Marie

I've just been looking up the same mark. I think the fish mark is Heinen Delftware. Their website is .

Heinen Delftware
by: David

Hi Marie,

Good find on the fish mark. Yes, definitely looks like the Heinen Delftware.
I was thinking the fish was the mark of the artist,whereas it now is apparent that it is the company mark.
I suppose that the initials L.V. are the artist, and the number 7032 is the model number.
As I said above, I have another trinket box with the same fish mark with initials HLB and number 7021.

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