Dick and Jane Figurine? - With DC Pottery Mark on Base?

by Tanya
(Calgary , Alberta .)

Dick and Jane Figurine? - With DC Pottery Mark on Base?

Dick and Jane Figurine? - With DC Pottery Mark on Base?

Dick and Jane Figurine? - With DC Pottery Mark on Base?:- Hello, I found this figurine it is damaged the leg is missing. I like it tho. Its very cute. I was wondering if you think it may be Dick and Jane? It seems to have a DC mark on the bottom.I've looked online to try and find something similar but have found nothing? If you have any thoughts on it and like to share that would be nice . I've attached a few pictures.


Tanya Rochat

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Title:- Dick and Jane Figurine? - With DC Pottery Mark on Base?

Hi Tanya

Many thanks for submitting your clear photos and story of your figurine. Hope you are finding the site generally useful.

Not actually sure about your figures as I haven't come across anything I can remember quite like them. They do have a certain quaint charm.

Although to me they do have the look of being from the 1930's USA, they also have a very mass market style of knock-em-out fast type kitsch styling.

Equally though they could be in that same Japanese post war 1950's knock-them-out type of mass production.

OK, your theory about the characters being Dick & Jane. I would possibly go along with that if there were other Dick & Jane figurines to be found. I couldn't find any or any references to
any ever being made. That's not to say there weren't any made, but if there were, they must be very rare. The original books and cutouts are now collectible, sometimes selling for over $200 per lot.

They would only be American because the UK and Europe don't have the Dick & Jane books, so that leaves only US ceramic producers.

Of course Goebel of Germany are world famous for making children sculptures from the illustrations of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, so this establishes the genre as a potent one. However, I have never come across any figures of Dick & Jane. If such figures existed why are there none around now?

According to the entry in Wiki, the Dick & Jane books were used as early stage reading aids for children mainly from the 1930's - 1960's. The Dick and Jane series was written by William S. Gray and Zerna Sharp and published by Scott Foresman. In later years they began to look dated in their content and methodology.

I also don't know any DC pottery mark, and the photo is too distant and blurry to see any mark.

If more knowledgeable contributors can help, I would urge them please go ahead (check out the comments section below for replies).

Failing that, for valuation and identification advice go here:

My vintage and antique china values page

For general advice on how to either price up your collection or find replacements for it, I wrote this page: The Searching Secrets To Finding Your China Replacement Online ….more.

Best regards

Peter (Admin)

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Dick and Jane...
by: Tanya Rochat

Thanks so much for the info. I didn't really think that is would be Dick and Jane. The boy is wearing a tie and overalls. But the girl is very close. So I looked up Goebel of Germany. I don't believe it is that.The eyes are painted differently. And the hair Is more shaped unlike mine which is painted. So I looked in to the stamp a little closer with a magnifying glass. And did find the stamp said Japan. It is in green and is located at the bottom of a circular shape but is to faded to see. I would love to have it repaired if possible, but unsure of where to take it locally. Thanks again and if you have any more thoughts keep me posted as will I. Love your web sight.!!!

Dick and Jane Style Figurine with Faded Green Japan Mark Figurine
by: Peter (admin)


Many thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated.

With regard to porcelain restoration and china repair, I have a secret weapon. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a buried website (they obviously don't know how to talk to the search engines to get found!!). Anyhow, this site lists local china repairers.

When I checked, there are quite a few in the Ontario region of Canada (are they very interested in antiques there?) but none listed in your town. The nearest listed to Calgary, Alberta (not that near though) is


Have a look at the website yourself for the full list:-

local porcelain restoration and china repair firms.

The other great place for finding local information in Canada used to be the Canada Yellow pages. However, since they updated their site to a new interface, I personally find it unusable; ...you type in a very specific search term which brings up stupid results, nothing to do with the category. Before, the search results seemed more specific. I can't find any obvious way of refining the results anymore. Such is progress!

Moan over.

Hope this helps.

Peter (admin)

I had an email from ceramic restorers
by: Peter (admin)

I had a very nice email from Patty and Morty of Lakeside Pottery of Stamford, Connecticut (lakesidepottery.com) who mentioned that their speciality of china restoration may be of use to our visitors.

I checked out their website and was impressed by what they do.

Above, I list a hub website which lists china restorers by region, so check out both links if you got clumsy lately and are in need of some professional help.

Peter (admin)

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