by Ana

Query: DOES THIS COLD PORCELAIN DO FOR OUTSIDE? hi!! i'm from everybody uses porcelana fria (cold porcelain) but there is a lot of discussion about if this can be used for exteriors (outside)... lots of people said that epoxy clay is better... but i have to do fairies 2 feet up and the epoxy kills my hands... so question: what do u think? Could I use this material to do my fairy in order to put her outside?

Thanks and i will post a picture very soon.

Reply by Peter (admin)

Hi Ana

Thanks for an interesting query. I am looking forward to the pictures! Use more than one form if you have more than one picture!

I have passed the query onto some of our experts and I hope to have an answer soon.

Watch this space - better still 'social bookmark it'.

Peter (admin)


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by: Sangeeta

Hi Anna,

I know for sure that cold porcelain is a paste which does not do well with moisture or humidity. Saying that I have never attempted any thing big, but when I make ornaments and cake toppers I varnish them thoroughly from all sides to make sure there is no way for the water to get in. So, if you find something to glaze your fairies for outdoor then I think it should be fine. There are different varnishes out in the market for outdoors.

I hope this helps you. Regards and good luck.


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Thank You For The Cold Porcelain Information
by: ana

Thank you very much sangeeta for your quick response and cold porcelain information... i did a test at home living a piece outside and is not so bad the harm but for sure needs a protection as you said ... so as i don't have much time for searching other options (well i work a lot with resin/fiberglass and silicone molds) but i didn't want to use that.. it takes time .. something that i dont have much with this project..has to be in place for the end on november ... the gnomes i did with ceramic and the body with wire, fillers and plastic so then i just put real fabric cause we want them to be as real as it can be. the fairies will be another method: this cold porcelain with the protection ... will see hahaha ... lets cross fingers. i will post some of this very soon ...

Thanks for everything and we keep in touch, don't hesitate if you need info for other materials ..


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