Double-headed arrow with 'W' and looped impressed markings

by Victoria
(London, UK)

Male flute player dancing figurine

Male flute player dancing figurine


My aunt has these two figures which her aunt inherited in 1935 from an auctioneer uncle. She was living in Nottingham, England at that time, We don't know anything more about them but think the quality is so nice, with the fine detail. We were just trying to find out what country they might be from and how old they are. I have searched around the net but have found nothing!

As you can see on the photo, they have a blue arrow mark with points on both ends next to a w followed by a full stop. They also have an engraved looped cross shape and a number stamped in.

Anyone have any clues?

Thanks so much in advance...


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Double-headed arrow mark (tip at both ends of a single line) with 'W' and looped impressed markings
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Victoria

Lovely submission, lovely figurine pair.

This mark is frustrating me as I know I have seen it before, but can't find it in my books at the moment.

It is a very distinctive double-headed arrow mark with the arrow tip or point at both ends of a single line. The 'W' letter should be a clue, but didn't lead me to the maker. I haven't seen the impressed looped markings before.

Let's see if we get any help on this one.



Further thoughts
by: Peter (admin)

p.s. Sorry, forgot to add my view on what these are.

I think these may be German, 19th century and very nicely made continental porcelain.

Why do I say that?

They are well modelled and carefully decorated in a detailed style quite hard to recreate in a later era. The quality is very Germanic. They have a marking style very consistent with German marks. Also the two marks may indicate there may have been a whiteware producer who then sold the ware to a decorator who then placed their own mark on it.

That's just what I get from a first glance at the photos.

Best regards


Marks NEW
by: Kristina

Did you find out anymore information about your aunts figurines? My mom has some also

Double ended arrow mark NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Victoria.
The double ended arrow mark is
Christian Nonne of Geisshubel
Probably made in the last quarter of the 19th
He is well documented.
Hope this helps

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