Duchess Bone China Tea Set - Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query

by Mandy

Duchess Bone China Tea Set - Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query; Duchess Bone China marks

Duchess Bone China Tea Set - Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query; Duchess Bone China marks

Duchess Bone China Tea Set - Antique China, Fine China and Modern China Manufacturers Query:

I have been looking on your site today, & am looking to see if my Nans bone china tea set is of any value, its a Duchess tea set with England & 200 on the bottom, can you help? or advise me of someone who can?




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Hi Mandy

Thanks for your question.

Duchess is a pottery mark used by at least 3 different firms.

Thanks to a comment written by Graham - see comments link at bottom of the page - I have been able to update this entry
**end update**

    A. T. Finney & Sons - made at the "Duchess" China Works in Longton, Stoke-on Trent. Founded 1947 to current (see below for more details)

    Edwards & Brown of the Victoria Works, Longton, Stoke-on Trent (E & B L) Founded 1882, closed 1933. They were known to have used the Duchess label from 1910 - 1933 (possibly earlier).

    S (Sampson) Hancock & Sons based initially in Tunsall, then moved to the Bridge Works Stoke. Founded 1858 closed 1937. Duchess, registered in 1911 was just one of several pottery marks which included Magnet & Sons and Royal CoronaWare.

Finney's Duchess marks only began as a pottery mark in 1947. They specialized in china teas sets and tea services. Finney had taken over the Blyth Porcelain Co Ltd in 1935 based at the Blyth works in Longton, Staffordshire. Blyth's main pottery mark was known as "Diamond China". Blyth (1905 - 1935) were formerly makers known as the
Dresden Porcelain Co who operated 1896 - 1904 (possibly a Germanic sounding for the troubled times!). Before that they were a company known as T. Forrester and Son, begun c.1883. There were several pottery firms called Forrester at that time and their various incarnations are too complex for this answer.

So although the Finney Duchess pottery mark can only be traced back to 1947, the tradition and works it was produced from can be traced back on record to 1883, possibly off the records, earlier than that.

Nice to see them still in business dodging the bullets and takeovers (apart from by the ill-fated Tams Group). If my information is correct, they were taken over by the Tams group in the 1990's and when Tams later went bust, Duchess somehow survived as a going concern. I like plucky underdog stories like this.

Duchess, for me is interesting in that it still survives (or survived) into modern times as a viable producer. As I said, this is quite a rare occurrence in the china manufacturing industry.

In terms of value, the first thing to say is valuations for vintage and fine china are specialist niches unto themselves with vast amounts of knowledge and research material required.

So whenever visitors ask me for a valuation, I send them straight to the following page which has been written especially to help you in your search for how to value your porcelain wares or china collection.

Feel free to await answers from knowledgeable others who may come across your submission in this thread, but if you would like an expedited answer, go to my page here in a hurry!....


Best regards,

Peter (admin)

p.s. The following page is a 'must see' if you are self-researching fine china - for value and identification:-

Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china.

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E&BL Duchess China - Antique and fine china Comment
by: Graham

My own "Duchess" bone china tea service was a wedding present for my parents in 1933 and under the word Duchess it is labelled E&BL. This does not seem to fit AT Finney starting in 1947, so the mark must have a previous history. This tea service (for 12)appears to have been printed with hand painted high colour additions.


Further comment by Peter (admin)

Dear Graham

I can't thank you enough for writing in with this comment. It made me take a second look at the entry in Godden's on Duchess china.

It turns out I missed the entries about two other Staffordshire fine china makers who also used the 'Duchess' mark prior to Finney.

I have corrected and edited my first reply to include the following additional information:-

Edwards & Brown of the Victoria Works, Longton, Stoke-on Trent (E & B L) Founded 1882, closed 1933. They were known to have used the Duchess label from 1910 - 1933 (possibly earlier).

S (Sampson) Hancock & Sons based initially in Tunsall, then moved to the Bridge Works Stoke. Founded 1858 closed 1937. Duchess, registered in 1911 was just one of several pottery marks which included Magnet & Sons and Royal CoronaWare.

Many thanks again for helping with the accuracy of this website.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

Duchess 347
by: Tracey

I have just been left a Duchess Tea Set Autumn 347. I am having problems identifying the Manufacturer and the Year it was made. Can anybody help?

Duchess China Markings
by: Peter (admin)


All I know is published above, so methinks you might need an expert if you can't see the answer up there and no one else chips in to help out.

If so go here:-

www.figurines-sculpture.com/id-pottery-mark.html (click the "Bring in the team" link).


Peter (admin)

duchess no 454 by felicity
by: bill


duchess china
by: sheron

I have been given to me an assorted collection of duchess china..with the mark EB&L on it...the set is yellow with black siloetted figures playing the piano around the plates and cups...I have not seen anything similar in antique shops. I believe it was a present to my grandmother at some royal event in the !920's...If you could help out with any further history to the pieces it would be appreciated.



duchess cup
by: Anonymous

i have a duchess cup 4f2 not sure what it is worth, was given to me many years ago now......

Duchess strawberry fields tea set
by: Miriam

I have a Duchess strawberryfieds tea set do you think this sort of set is antique?

Pussy Cat
by: Anonymous

I have a great gift a Pussy Cat Cup and saucer, alas I drop and broke the Cup, can't find a replacement anywere, Can you help were do I buy.

Albion Duchess Pattern
by: J.

I can't find this pattern anywhere on line. I have a slop bucket/washstand piece with rattan handle. I gather the mark is 1912 or so. I would like to find this pattern. It is brownish/pink peonies on white

Ref Duchess Bone China
by: Katie

I recently started a collection of Spring and Winter
which are pattern numbers 408 and 411. According to Duchess in Stoke on Trent, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter were made from mid through late 1990's however I have come across three different types of tea cup, 2 are the same style, with the same pattern but one has a small flower in the inside of the tea cup, the third has a much squarer shape cup, so I am guessing they were made in other years than the 5 the company told me. They were polite but rather brief in their responses and I had to email twice to get any info.
Hope this helps.

duchess tea set
by: Micheal

I have a set of Duchess china with a number of
836 and more

E & B L
by: Cynth Kirk

I have me mum's 12 place settings china tea set. I think she bought it when she married in the 1920s.It is decorated with a band of salmon coloured roses plus foliage, and around the rim is a band of alternating black and salmon segments. How can I find out more about it please??

Duchess Bone China
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a full tea set of "Sharon" Duchess Bone China, England, 510. I cant find anything about it anywhere. Could you by any chance give me some information about it please. Thanks in advance,

collette 528
by: r mc donald

i have duchess milk jug and sugar bowl collette 528 if anyone can tell me of any value i would be most grateful thank you

Duchess Louise
by: Deanna

I have the Duchess Louise 364 design in the sugar bowl and milk pourer. Can someone please tell me what it's worth.
Thank you

Pattern identification of Duchess Tea Set
by: Diane

I was given a twelve piece Duchess Tea Set as a wedding present 30 years ago, 6 Cups , 6 Saucers all with tiny purple and yellow flowers on with dark and pale green leaves. Each cup is edged with gold around the rim and the base also flecks of gold on each handle. Each Saucer has the gold rim too. On each pieces underside there is a Gold Crown,DUCHESS, Bone China, England.Can anyone identify this collection and its worth?


1947 to 1950 my father Reginald R Webb was the works manager at A T Finney.I have 6 cups 6 saucers 1 sugar 1 cream 1 teapot with the no 442 Bramble Rose all from that era. any help with the value.

E & B.L reg # 740929 made in England
by: Ena

4 teacups with sauces plates and sugar bowl and milk jug with butterflies and flowers pattern duchess china E & B.L a gift from my late parents. could you assist with value. very sentimental to me. thanks

duchess tea set
by: david

have a duchess bone china tea set with harebell design and number 871 ( I think)Any info on this

Duchess Tea Set
by: Scott

I too have a Duchess Tea Set. The mark has: Duchess China, then below, a set of wings? with a circle in the middle, then, a banner with E@BL on it, then, Made in England.

This appears to be prior to the AT Finney ownership.

The tea set is yellow, bone trim with a pattern both around the inside and outside of the top of the cups, bowls.

Not sure if this info on the watermark helps, anymore info would be appreciated. There doesn't seem to be much online regarding history of Edwards and Brown.


What we know of Edwards and Brown Potters
by: Peter

Hi Scott

This maker is little known about.

Pretty much all that is known is listed in Goddens encyclopedia as follows:-


Best regards

Peter (admin)

by: Hill

I also have a duchess tea set and dinner service.it was bought as a wedding present in 1984.it has duchess ascot markings in gold.could this be of value?

Duchess China
by: James

Duchess China is still manufacturing many of the patterns and designs people refer to above.

Their website is also very easy to use and I love buying from a British Company.


Here's their link and my video review about this company.


Thanks to reviewer James
by: Peter (admin)

Hi James

I took the liberty of adding your review video here and also a link to the Duchess website. I believe in supporting smaller British ceramics firms as best I can.

If you are in contact with the sales people, please let them know they are welcome to publish any news or range information or contact numbers here (gratis).

Best regards


Long to be identified
by: Caroline

I think i am a a coffee set!!
Six cups and saucers, sugar and milk, long sandwich plate and tall elegant coffee pot.
My pretty pattern is depicting.....
Delicate hanging, blue flowers and what appear to be soft yellow chineese style lanterns.
I was created by e&bl duchess china...no name but a number
3260....who am i????

post a picture
by: Anonymous

post a picture of your pieces and i will tell you the pattern name. i was a packer there at duchess from 1987 to 1998.

(Post pictures by sending them to peter@theclayartist.com - mark them for the 'Duchess Bone China Tea Set' discussion).

Duchess forget me not 642
by: Anonymous

Hello i have a "forget me not" tea set #642... when would this have been manufactured?

Duchess - pretty Vase
by: Anonymous

I too have a vase with markings like the one yesterday. It says Duchess and has a feather on a hat. I am in agreement with Jamie that finding a value is very hard. I have been looking over a year now.

Thank you

Duchess bone tea cup
by: Gail

Have duchess bone china makers mark is sail boat E& BL on sails & numbers on the hull but cant make them all out please help me identify dat of this china

Duchess NEW
by: Linda

I have 6 cups, 6 saucers and 6 side plates all in good condition. On bottom of items it says duchess bone china England Summer 409. Just wondering if the set is worth anything

Dates?? NEW
by: Anonymous

I have fine bone China cups dated 1801 and matching plates. Are these of any value?

cant find the pattern anywhere NEW
by: Anonymous

can anyone help i have a duchess tea sett from the stamp it dates from 1947-1960. I have searched everywhere and cannot find the pattern on any site and i have not seen another with even a similar design. it is a faint yellow border with leaves going around and a white centre. can any advise me what design this may be or where i can find out.

by: stanley williams

ive just found a duchess bone china full set in a house im clearing out made in england by finney hallmark number is 348 greensleeves is it worth anything

Fantastic! NEW
by: Charmaine

I stumbled onto your page and how lucky it is for me that I did! Your write up on Duchess is brilliant! ....and I love all the enthusiastic comments by the bloggers. Thanks a million for the info!
Best regards to you all.

Duchess China Works NEW
by: Anonymous

A.T.Finney was my Great Uncle Albert, my grandfather's brother. He owned the Duchess China and the Bluebell earthenware works when I was a very little girl, certainly before 1947. I clearly remember being shown round the Duchess works, and going inside the bottle kiln, when I was very small, and I was shown the manufacturing processes, and saggars, and told about saggar-maker's bottom-knockers.

Help identifying
by: Angel

I’m desperately trying to find the name & locate the plate to a duchess tea set trio
It’s white, has a few little (5 petal) orange/ brownish flowers to the bottom left, top left is small blue (3 petal) flowers. Middle is bigger white (5petal) with orange /yellow in middle & on tips) to the right a pink open rise & above that A small butterfly With blue bottom wings & yellow-ish top wings, there is fine greenery interwoven. The design is kind of "muted" compared to others I’ve seen since investigating. On the back "duchess fine bone China (two more words I can’t read) is in a gold colour with a 3 prong crown
I do have a photo
Can anyone help ?
Thank you

Journey of dis-covering....
by: Cari CH

Hello experts,
I have been searching on and off since ON LINE searching began, but have been unsuccessful.
Soooo, my grandma gave me her coffee/tea service for my 18th. There is always a personal story behind family posessions none of which are wholy authentic. I would really LOVE to know more about my, E&BL Duchess china set. The series number is 3260 but has no name. The design is a delicate depiction of hanging yellow lanterns with blue flowers and foliage, gold coloured rim and handel, sort of an asian theme. It was one of her wedding presents appr. 1920's. Please can you help.

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