Dutch Scene Dresden China

by Michelle G
(Neptune, NJ USA)

Dutch Scene Dresden China

Dutch Scene Dresden China

Dutch Scene Dresden China:- We have an old tea (coffee?) pot that was given to us at least 40 years ago. This piece came from a friend of my grandmothers and is possibly from the 1930's or so. The piece is in great condition and we have never used it.

Any help in identifying the mark is appreciated.



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The Dresden China Company
by: Blake

Dear Michelle, I'm afraid this one is a little bit strange. I found the mark on your coffee pot shown in "Lehner's Encyclopedia of U.S. Marks on Pottery, Porcelain & Clay" listed under Brunt, Bloor, Martin and Company of East Liverpool, Ohio. Brunt, Bloor, Martin and Company was founded in 1875 to make decorated & undecorated white ware. In 1882 they sold the pottery to the "Potters Co-operative"; a group of eight local potteries that had banded together. The Potters Co-operative made white granite ware and at some point after 1900 changed their name to "The Dresden China Company". Records indicate they went out of business in 1927. The last mark shown in Lehner's of the marks used by the pottery is the mark on your coffee pot minus the "PAT. PEND" portion. The strange part is that according to Kovels' Book of Marks the term "patented" was first used in 1900, "patent applied for" was first used in 1902 but "patent pending" was not used until 1940. It could be that "Pat. Pend" was used earlier but that doesn't seem likely to me.
I did some further research and found this site which has some very good information.

I hope this helps.

Yours, Blake

Many Thanks Blake
by: Michelle G

I am very grateful for your swift and thorough reply Bake. The information you were able to provide was so comprehensive. I appreciate your taking the time to help my family discover some background on our coffee pot!

without patent pend
by: Anonymous

Looks like an old post, but thought I'd add that I have one like this but WITHOUT the Pat Pend mark. Mine is missing the lid, otherwise in great shape. Pretty quirky with the two Dutch guys with cigars. Great conversation piece and told hold decorative flowers.

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