ERTE Collectibles Figurines

by Bill
(Trenton Ontario Canada)

'ERTE'  - Artist and Stage Designer

'ERTE' - Artist and Stage Designer

ERTE Collectibles Figurines:- I recently purchased three ERTE figurines. At the time I had no idea who ERTE was. I figure most people outside of the art world are the same as me! ISIS had the ends of three fingers missing, so I went on the net to find someone who could possibly repair them.

To my surprise I found someone within 15 miles of my home. This man has the passion, innovating qualities of the likes I have never seen.

He repaired the fingers and also seen some of ERTEs work.

These figurines are Franklin Mint reproductions. I sold the figurines but they did there job, they opened my eyes and mind to how many great people there are that the vast majority know nothing about. They also made me a friend to the man who does unbelievable repairs, and the new owner.

I am sure will display them as they should be.


comment by Peter Holland

to article "ERTE Collectibles Figurines" by Bill from Trenton, Ontario.

Hi Bill

Thanks for taking the time and trouble to write up the story of your Franklin Mint Erte collectible figurines. Great work!

Wouldn't it be great to have a page on your repair man too?! He sounds a fascinating individual. If he is a bit publicity shy, don't force the issue, but it would be a great story on him (his skills, how he learned them, what he does etc etc) for this section. I'm sure our visitors would appreciate this kind of story.

I think Erte was one of the most talented individuals of the 'Art Deco' era.

If you click on the comments section below, I have put together some more information on this talented artist and designer of beautiful stage costumes.


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Erte - aka Romain de Tirtoff
by: Peter (admin)

Here is a brief synopsis of this talented artist and designer:

Erte (1892-1990)

Russian born, this artist was christened Romain de Tirtoff. He took up the name Erté because he liked the sound of the French pronunciation of his initials R.T.

Famous for fashion designs and stage costumes which epitomize the art deco period.

In 1912, aged 19, Erte's father allowed him to move away from his proposed career in the Russian military to go to Paris to become a fashion illustrator. Erte immediately was signed up to the Harpers Bazaar periodical, producing drawings for the next two decades.

Best-known illustrative work is possibly "Symphony in Black" - a slim lady dressed in black holding a dog.

In the 1960s Erte had a revival which went with the a resurgence of interest in the Art Deco style. He branched out into limited edition prints, bronzes and art as clothing (see above picture).

Works by Erte are presented in museums around the world making him an important 20th Century cultural figure.

A child prodogy and true 'creative', Erté was said to have produced his first costume design and the age of five.

Exotic and romantic and highly skilled and creative, Erte exemplified the Art Deco era and is an important marker in the world of design in the twentieth century. His final contribution was the theatrical and set designs for the musical production of "Stardust".

Peter Holland

My Erte Figurines
by: Una

I have 6 Erte figurines produced by Franklin Mint which I purchased new some 20 plus years ago (maybe longer).

They are beautiful and I love them all. My only regret is that I passed up on buying the whole collection and only concentrated on the ones that I particularly liked.

I have had many years of pleasure from them and hope to have many more.

Two Erte figurines
by: Anonymous

I bought two Erte figurines at an antique shop outsided of Tallahassee, Fl. where I was visiting. I had no concept of the origin of them, I just fell in love with them so much that I had to take them home with me. I display them proudly and look at them all the time. I love the details and femininity of them. I have Pearls and Rubies and Untamed Beauty. Does anyone know what they are worth and when they were made? LA


The Forum Help Elf says:-

For professional valuation and identification advice go here:

My vintage and antique china values page

I have a "Symphony in Black" Figurine
by: Debbie

I have been looking for help on how to get my Figurine Appraised.

She is from the Franklin Mint, She stands 21 ins high. Both her and the dog are not attached to the base. The base is made out of wood.
I was told by an associate from a Franklin Mint store many years ago that the Franklin Mint could not sell this Figurine becasue at the time it sold for $800, so they broke the mold and the rest of the Figurines to make it more of a collectable item. I have been trying for years to find out its worth with no success at.

Any advise would be appreciated.



Peter (admin) says:-

I run a team of experts specifically to help people in your situation.

My vintage and antique china values page

reapir of Erte needed
by: Alice in NYC

I have Erte's Moonlight and some of the chains on her arm are pulled away from the other side of the drap look. Is there anyone who can do quality reapir and keep the value of the piece?

Ralph Sevilla's Sister
by: Barbara Sevilla

Hello Peter,
You don't know who I am. However, my brother Rafael Sevilla who past away in the year 1994 knew you.
Today, I was looking at some websites to check on the value of Franklin Mint ERTE Figurines Collectibles. My mom use to be a fan of these pieces and I haven't had the heart to let them go. Anyways, while I was looking at these websites I remembered that my brother had a drawing that one of his friends had done for him in the year 1986. This portrait is of him in the ocean, like if he were Poseidon. At the bottom right corner it has a signature that reads PETER HOLLAND '86. I was just wondering if by coincidence this was you. Please email me at:
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Barbara Sevilla
(Barbie How my brother use to call me.)

Symphany in Black
by: Anonymousuna

I was the proud owner of a Symphany in Black figurine, complete with base. Would attach photo if I could. She was beautiful and I was so proud to oen her for over 20 years. 2 weeks ago a friend was putting on his coat with a flourish and knocked her off the shelf. Heartbroken isnt the word 😡

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