Eve-N-Bake bowls and one with 7 with a capital B

by Michelle Derusha
(Newberry, Michigan)

Eve-N-Bake bowls and one with 7 with a capital B

Eve-N-Bake bowls and one with 7 with a capital B

Eve-N-Bake bowls and one with 7 with a capital B:- Hi, I am inquiring as to get any information on a pottery bowl. I received a set of 3 similar bowls all clearly marked on the bottom that are the Watt Ware Eve-n-bake Oven Ware that I believe to be from the 1950's? I also received another bowl with this set that has a similar feel to the Watt Ware bowls but is sort of speckled with blue and brown on the outside and on the bottom of the bowl it only has the number 7 along with a capital B?

The number is a little larger then the letter. It is measured to be about 7 inches across at the top.

The short but sweet story behind these bowls are that my aunt acquired these bowls from my mother sometime in the 1960's?

My aunt must of been over to my mothers house for dinner and loved the bowls. Seeing as my aunt loved them so much and repeatedly commented on how much she loved them my mother eventually gave them to her as a gift.

I can't get any information from my mother because she passed in 1984 when I was only 15 years old. On a visit back to my home town this year my aunt (not the aunt that received the bowls)told me to stop over because she had something she wanted to give to me.

She was at her sisters house and seen these same bowls and was told that my mother gave them to her and she somehow talked her into giving me the bowls. She had no information on these bowls either other then they had once belonged to my mother and that my mother gave them to her sister sometime in the 1960's because her sister had loved them so much.

I will include a picture of the Eve-N-Bake bowls also just because I love them too and would like to share a picture of them but really I would like any information on the blue and brown bowl.

Thank you for hearing my story and I hope I didn't confuse anyone too much but any information that I receive would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,



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T0:- Eve-N-Bake bowls and one with 7 with a capital B

Hi Michelle

Thanks for taking such care to write your story and supply us with such great photos.

I have no knowledge in this area myself, so we'll just leave your post up here and see what develops once people start to find you on searches.

Here's hoping!

Peter (admin)

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Watt Pottery History
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Michelle

I am glad to have this entry as I have done some digging on the Watt Pottery, and realise it is something of an American icon, alongside collectible US potteries like Roseville, Rookwood, Redwing, Rosemeade, McCoy, Weller, Frankoma, Hull, Shawnee, Camark, Blue Mountain and so on.

The Watt Pottery was established in 1922 in Crooksville, Ohio. They went under in 1965 when the factory burned down and written off.

They pioneered oven wear pottery with the ranges like the Even-bake ovenware and the Bak-Ezee.

It is the hand-painted patterns that hits the real 'folk art' genre look. The first set of hand patterns was designed 49 to 53. and include White Daisy, Dogwood, Rio Rose, Cross-Hatch and Moonflower. Then in the mid 50's came patterns like Apple, Cherry, Rooster, Dutch Tulip, Starflower, Silhouette, American Red Bud, and so on.

The Tulip pattern was designed in 1961 and went onto become a classic.

Retail prices on a typical collectors' site range from arount $60 to $300 USD. Expect to get about half to one third of that at auction under normal bidding circumstances.

Many Watt items are unmarked and there are copies on the market. The thing to look out for so they say is the color of the clay - true Watt has a certain creaminess that is difficult to reproduce correctly.

Here are some examples of Watt wares.


If you have other examples you want to post here, just send them to me here:-


All photos welcome. Thanks.

Peter (admin)

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