French Pottery Planter/Cachepot Mystery Hand Written G Pierced with Arrow Mark

by Cindy

Mark on foot

Mark on foot

French Pottery Planter/Cachepot Mystery Hand Written G Pierced with Arrow Mark:-

I am an avid antiques collector and regularly attend tag sales and auctions in my area to hunt for new treasures. I found this French cachepot/planter recently at an estate sale and it was a "love at first sight" moment.

The planter was pretty dirty but beneath the grime it looked worth the financial gamble so I pulled the trigger. When I got it home I cleaned it up and was really happy with its appearance - but that is when the mystery deepened. I really wanted to find out who produced this piece and roughly when it was made.

Since then, I have been searching high and low to try to find information regarding the manufacturer, mostly to satisfy my curiosity but also to find out if it is actually worth anything. If it turns out to be valuable, I probably won't use it for a planter but will use it to hold my mail or something like that.

In my opinion, the piece has a nice form that is a step above the typical four sided planter/cachepot. I particularly love the detail found in the hand painted floral decoration, especially on the front.

Based on the overall quality, I thought the planter/cachepot seemed to be more of a professional piece rather than a "one-off" by a hobbyist. The planter is nicely proportioned and measures 4.875" tall and 3.75" wide at the foot. It weighs in at just over a pound.

The mark on the bottom of the planter is clear and easy to read, although I can't quite decide if it is a "C" with an arrow or if it is actually the letter "G" with an arrow.

I thought the makers mark would not be difficult to research but it has proven to be quite a task. I have checked several of my research books and have also spent a lot of time looking online, but to no avail.

I'm hoping someone here will recognize the mark or maybe the form of the piece itself. I suppose I am lucky that I have some information to go on (i.e. that the planter was made in France) but that's about it. I'm also thinking that it was made for export since the writing on the bottom is in English rather than in French, but that is just a guess.

Thank you in advance for any help or background information you can provide.


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Hand Written G Pierced with Arrow Mark
by: Peter (admin)

Dear Cindy

Lovely article contribution, thank you for posting. Sorry it's taken me a while to get round to publishing it, but I mislaid a batch of entries and am only just getting around to them.

I don't know this mark. It's not a recognised French Faience mark that I am familiar with - they all tend to have somewhat artistically designed stamped printed marks.

I agree the painting looks good enough to be professional, but I think, judging by the mark this is a talented hobbyist.

I believe this to be antique as this coincides with the Victorian/Edwardian fashion for hobby painting ceramics - both in the US and the UK.

Such items can be worth a bit, but again, I have to say it's not a great idea to discuss values in this friendly china chat forum. Feel free to contact my experts though.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

In threes
by: Kerri

I too am searching for the maker of the "g" with the arrow. I bought a pair of cachepot so yesterday identical to yours. Therefore, I disagree that the cachepot said were made by a hobbyist. If so he made triplets.

I have been searching marks and so far have not found this one. Kerri

Interesting New Info on the Looped G with Arrow Marking
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Kerri

That's interesting. I am assuming you are both from the US? If so, the pieces being from France, it does suggest a more of an export type operation with more of a factory type production with outlets far and wide.

Where are you both located? If you are both in different geographical locations, it confirms this even more. If you were in the same area, it could be still a one-off decorator maybe.

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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