Goldschedier Claire Weiss Figurine?

No 51 BA Ltd Reg No (no number) Made in England

No 51 BA Ltd Reg No (no number) Made in England

Hi Everyone,

I purchased this item on eBay and it was advertised as a Goldscheider by Claire Weiss, mainly (I believe) because when you search for the markings online there was an item sold with such a description at auction a few years ago, with the same markings.

I bought the item, not because I seriously believed it was a Goldscheider, but because I liked it so much anyway! It is a lovely piece.

But since I received the item, I've been trying to find out its real identity, and I'm simply stumped.

It came from an estate sale, that is all I know. Found wrapped in a box. I've searched online for the makers mark, and come up with nothing (other than British Airways for reasons that will shortly become apparent!)

I've checked in my Goldscheider model book, and there IS an item which bears a striking similarity to the shape of my figurine. That's not to say that this isnt some sort of replica. Perhaps it is a later reproduction. I'd like to know for sure.

But I wouldn't part with her now. And I've seen another with the similar markings, and I'm tempted to buy it...but what am I buying!

My biggest challenge in trying to find out the makers mark is that a search online for BA Ltd just brings up too many variables.

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Claire Weiss Figurine?
by: Peter (admin)


I had a good look over the two pieces (see photos beelow), and concluded that these two figurines must be from the same mould as there are so many exact reference points. Somehow, this UK B.A. Ltd firm which is totally unidentifiable in any of my reference books, got hold of a mould from Germany and made their own, not quite so well decorated version of this Claire Weiss figure.



The one above marked with the Schuster stamp called 'Elegante Dame mit Hut / Art Déco Lady' by Friedrich Goldscheider. Josef Schuster took over this firm in 1938 - which helps date the items.

I don't know too much about Claire Weiss, but really like the art deco style of these.

They seem to reach high end prices at auction as shown above.

Can anyone fill in the details about who Claire Weiss was and how famous she was. She seemed to work for various factories. I found a bit of info here:

Peter (admin)

More on Claire Weiss
by: Anonymous

Thanks for looking into that! As I feared it is a copy of a Claire Weiss, but I like her all the same!

I have some more information for you on Claire Weiss

Weiss, Claire (also Weiss-Herczeg and Herczeg) born Budapest 1906

Studied at the Budapest Academy and was active in Berlin and Paris from 1929-33. Modeled in the Art Deco Period.

Early models such as Nos 6447 and 7040 are signed Weiss; some later models no 7280 are signed Herczeg however sometimes the same model is found with either Weiss or Herczeg. \her specialty was elegant women and figurative lamps and children.

Not just a copy - the exact same mould and sculpt
by: Peter (admin)


This is not a mere copy. This is actually taken from the same mould as the one as categorised as bein made by CW herself.

I would love to know the story of how a British firm by the name of BA Ltd got hold of original Weiss moulds.

Simply just curious of the story as its quite an unusual set of circumstances.

Best regards


I have found another! NEW
by: Estied

Hi Peter - I have found another imposter!

It has been some time since I posted about my imposter Clair Weiss figurine. I'm still on the hunt for news about the mysterious B.A Ltd, and I have just spotted another potential faker this time a dead ringer for Model 7195 by Dakon...¤tpage=1&showLots=50&sortBy=lotsort&lotView=list&imagesOnly=N

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