Green Crossed Swords Pottery Marks Query

by Alma

Rosenthal's 'Versailles' and Mitterteich's Pottery Marks

Rosenthal's 'Versailles' and Mitterteich's Pottery Marks

Green Crossed Swords Pottery Marks Query: I have a query on a Christmas Scene Plate. On the back it has green crossed swords, made in Germany, the number 5868, and a v shape gouged beside the number. Its an alpine scene, raised relief, of firs, ski lodge, snow, sleigh with people in passing. A present by my Aunt, can you tell me about it?

Thanking You



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Answer By Peter (admin)

to Green Crossed Swords Pottery Marks Query:

Dear Alma

Many thanks for your interesting query. You didn't supply any photos, so I uploaded the two marks I know about with green crossed swords/lines.

Your plate sounds as if it needs a bit of digging, because you may have something of interest.

There are only two German companies which have used a green crossed swords pottery mark to my knowledge, and they are:

1. Rosenthal's 'Versailles' pottery mark.

2. Mitterteich's older green crossed swords pottery mark (the 'M' looks like a 'V' on their pottery marks)

I have never come across any others.

Mitterteich were a high quality maker but too small and obscure a European maker for me to feature in my main guide, so I'll quickly run through the main points.

(source of information - Mitterteich History: founded 1867 was the first ever porcelain factory in the town of Mitterteich, Bavaria. A quality maker,
they continued in continuous production until 2006.

You can check out Rosenthal in my China Manufacturers A to Z Guide on this site, but here are a few additional facts...

(Source: The crossed lines/swords mark of Rosenthal was known as the 'Versailles mark' (not sure why - if anyone knows, please post). It was used from around 1890 through to the 1930s. Phillip Rosenthal senior started the firm in 1884 - just as a decorating studio at first, but then progressed onto making porcelain. Apparently he bought the whiteware blanks from Hutschenreuther. His wife Maria developed the first successful patterns which he could then fund the making of himself in 1891, Asch, Bohemia.

This Jewish family were model entrepreneurs and you would think, a credit to their nation. But sadly, the family had to flee the country in the 1930's due to the Nazi victimisation. Philip junior returned after the war to move the company ever onwards and upwards.

The period of 1897 through to 1936, were astonishing in terms of success. They acquired the following porcelain plants in their rapid expansion plans:-

- Thomas of Marktredwitz acq. 1908

- Thomas of Sophienthal acq. 1928

- Waldershof of Waldershof, Bavaria acq. 1936

- Jacob Zeidler & Coof Selb acq. 1917

- Bauer of Kronach acq. 1897

- Krister of Waldenburg acq. 1921

So many thanks for taking the time to upload your query. Hope this information helps.

Careful, your Aunt's innocent gift may have started something!

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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Rosenthal Versailles Bavaria mark
by: Trimas

Could it be possible that Rosenthal decided to mark his pottery during the treaty of Versailles? The treaty was signed in 1919 and lasted until the 1930's when Germany began preparing for a new war. The timeline of the treaty and the mark of Versailles on Rosenthal pottery are almost the same. Also, did the production and exporting of Rosenthal pottery stop at the beginning of the war, just like the Japanese exports did, and then resume after the war? I just think that the Versailles mark could be dated as pottery produced during the treaty.

Versailles Bovaria
by: Judith

Lovely article. I have a plate that I chose from closing out an Aunt's Estate. Very pretty softly fluted, edged in green, pink and yellow roses with a yellow centre. Plate is 7 6/8" dia. Anything sound familiar to anyone.

Coffee set
by: Anonymous

I have a coffee set with Metterich cross swords on them also Baveria at bottom is it worth keeping

Any thoughts….believe German NEW
by: Anonymous

A.B. With crossing swords one of which is curled at the end

by: Anonymous

I have a hand painted tankard with a mark on the mark on the left but not 'Versailles' or Bavaria. Does that mean anything to you?

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