GS 223120 Germany Orange vase

by HeDi
(the Netherlands)

The mark on the bottom

The mark on the bottom

Good evening or night to all the persons who are reading , or will read, this contribution. We are a couple living in the Netherlands and we have a great interest in European pottery or porcelain items, glass art items and things in general we think that are special, to ourselves or to others.

In order to keep our hobby affordable and our house liveable we also sell some of the items that we have in a webshop. Most of the time we solve problems with unknown marks by ourselves. Sometimes this is quite easy and sometimes it takes a huge lot of searches. This is not a bad thing, since searching can be very educative and whilst searching one comes across all kinds of pages that have got something to do with the subject one's interested in, making searching a welcome part of the hobby as well.

We love to visit flea markets, but occasionally we bid on auctions as well. One time on a market, we came across this orange urn shaped pottery vase with 2 green/blue stripes. Because orange is the colour of the Dutch (it even used to be the fourth colour of our national flag)and because is was a kind of strange colour for a vase, combined with the fact of the distinctive shape of the vase, we just decided to buy it. Since the vase was made in Germany and numbered, we figured that it would not be difficult to find more information about it.

We proved to be wrong, so wrong! We have been searching a lot on this vase, that is made by "GS in Germany". GS in a triangle.

GS Keramik maybe? Not found. The nearest option we have found so far is Georg Schmider, GS Zell. But the marks we encountered of that company are different, although the font looks the same as the one in "our mark" in some cases. The number on the vase is neither getting us anywhere.

We already tried to sell the vase, also curious to who would respond to the mark, but nothing happened. The curiosity remains however. Was GS located in (pre or after) West or East Germany? Was it a small company, did they make a lot of items? What kind of other items did they make, etc etc. We do not think the vase is of great value, it is merely out of curiosity and interest we have in the background of the company that made this not everyday vase.

Does anyone know more about the mysterious GS? Your help would be much appreciated by us.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Beautiful vase
by: Samantha (Totnes UK)

Morning - that's a beautiful vase - love the colour. I do hope you find out who/where it's from. I was wondering though, if it were East or West Germany (so before the wall came down) wouldn't it have had E or W alongside the Germany? There seems to be plenty of room. I can't find the mark either, just thought I'd give it a go online as our search engines tend to bring up different things the more we use them it seems (?)- intriguing. Good luck! Samantha (Totnes UK).

Thanks for looking
by: Peter (admin)

Hi Samantha

Thanks for looking at this one. I was a bit bamboozled, so couldn't help this time.

I agree, nice piece.

If anyone knows anything, please post.

I am just up in Bristol btw (notice you are Totnes)

Peter (admin)

Message for Peter.
by: Samantha (Totnes UK)

Ah good ole Brizzle - I don't know why but I assumed you were USA!? I've used this message panel but I'm assuming you won't post it to the page! lol. Samantha. x

I have one too
by: Anonymous

Any luck on finding out the maker? I recently purchased a handled vase with the same mark. Also it says West Germany 186112. Definitely West Germany then. Any help very much appreciated

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