Hand painted tiles. Northern European?

by Sylvia Herold
(Oakland, CA USA)

Hand painted tiles. Northern European?

Hand painted tiles. Northern European?

I found these two tiles at a consignment shop I frequent. I buy things I like (but try not to buy too many things!) If I could find more of these, I might use them as accents in a tiled bathroom or backsplash. Before I found this site I did some general searching online and couldn't find a match. The marks are incised (stamped.) It's hard to see in the photo but, on top of the crown there is a small cross.

I have never visited this site before. I do not have an eBay shop. I am simply someone who modestly collects things that interest me. If someone can help me identify the maker and country of origin, I would be terrifically grateful.

p.s. I attached four photos, I hope!


Hi. I wrote earlier asking if anyone could help me identify the maker of my tiles.

I found similar tiles on eBay. The tiles are from Holland and the maker is Royal Tichelaar Makkum.

So the mystery is solved.

Take care and keep doing the good research!


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