HJC Royal Vale Longton (M 3700) Query

by Susan Preece
(Bridgend, South Wales)

HJC Royal Vale Longton (M 3700) Query: I had a tea set from my aunt but there are a couple of damaged items.

I have 6 plates 5 cups and 5 saucers from the HJC Royal Vale Longton England reference M 3700 range.

Can't seem to find any reference on the net to the M 3700.

Am looking to purchase another cup and saucer to complete the set and also looking to value the set if able to complete.

Would appreciate some help in finding a site or outlet where I could possibly get the additional pieces etc. and also look at

Thanks in anticipation



Answer to HJC Royal Vale Longton (M 3700) Query:

By Peter (admin)

Hi Susan

Thanks for your query about HJC Royal Vale Longton (M 3700). I will endeavor to help you with your search to complete you Royal Vale collection. By the way, my home town as a child was Penarth in South Wales, not too far from you.

I have published written instructions on how search for china replacements, both on specialist websites and online auctioneers in my China Replacement page. Go to:

(copy the URL above and paste into your browser address window)

There you will find instruction on the best way to achieve what you want - to complete your HJC Royal Vale Longton collection. I show you how to go direct to a deep level eBay search using the link provided.

I also review top China Replacement sites UK and US (the best site by far is American, so you might want to contact them - I noticed they had HJC Royal Vale Longton patterns 3701, 3705 and 3775 listed, but not 3700. You could send them photos and they will publish your HJC Royal Vale Longton pattern in their online catalog in order to assist with your search).

or alternatively, they can buy a fun and interesting ebook with all the tips and tricks of the pros called 'How To Buy & Sell Antiques For Fun & Profit'. Check it out here:

(copy and paste URL into browser address window)

Hope this helps, happy searching!

Best regards

Peter (admin)

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h.j.c Royal Vale Longton
by: Anonymous

hi im chris. well mine are 2 square plates Imara pattern but no reg marks.

? for sale
by: Anonymous

I have a 12 piece tea set no numbers on marking just royal vale china, HJC, Longton, England.
need to sell but dont know how to go about it.
Please advise
Thank you


further comment by Peter (admin)

Fiona, GOOD TIMING! I am just about to launch a free 'exchange' section of this website. Please join the Newsletter for more announcements and instructions.

HJC set in an ornate design stamp
by: Anonymous

On the top of the stamp Royal Vale China HJC inside an ornate design under that it says longton outside of the design stamp it says England.My set of cups,saucers and plates look like it could be gold leaf trimming white based mostly black reds and greens. The design looks as if it could be from the twenties but then again what do I know.Happy to find another named pottery in my collection.

Mystery H.J.C.
by: Sue T

I have a square cake plate and sugar basin, only,
the pattern is basically white with a ring inside and out of gold leaf bands between which are apples and cherries, a black triangle thing and what looks like half a daisy in yellows, orangey red and a bit of green leaf in the fruit segments. I do believe my Mum bought these before she was married in 1938 in the Buxton area.

The Sugar Bowl has the number 116 in gold leaf, and two little green lines, almost like speech marks to the left under the number.

I cant find any reference to this set at all.
Any ideas. thanks

Royal Vale Longton cup and saucer 3705
by: barbara

I just happen to have a cup and saucer, Royal Vale China, beautiful condition. It is the Longton pattern 3705. Does Susan still need a cup and saucer?

square plate and sugar bowl
by: Sue T

thank you for your response regarding my square plate and sugar bowl, I really was just curious about the pattern. Must be honest and say I am not a collector. Thank you anyway.

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